by Courtney · November 4, 2010 · Pitch the LAMB · No Comments

Hello, CS here with a reminder about our latest edition of the Pitch the LAMB series.

Movie Genre: Mystery
Examples of the Genre: The Maltese Falcon; Memento; Dirty Harry; The Pink Panther, Se7en, Chinatown, Gosford Park, Charade, L.A. Confidential, Murder on the Orient Express; The Conversation; Rear Window; Blue Velvet; The Fugitive; The Big Lebowski; In the Heat of the Night; The Usual Suspects.

10 words/phrases to get you started:

  1. Odd time of night to be making house calls…
  2. You’re holding back Ricardo…
  3. Clifford
  4. What was the value of the item?
  5. Shallow Grave
  6. Something smells fishy and it’s not the tuna casserole …
  7. Suspects
  8. The clues do not add up…
  9. Fingerprints
  10. How come there is no body?

As always, your job is to come up with an idea for a film using some of the words/phrases listed above. Once you have a plot idea, post it on your blog in any fashion you choose (e.g. plot synopsis, excerpt of a script, fictional trailer, fictional film review, movie poster, etc.) and email the link to Simple as that! The deadline for submissions is Tuesday November 16, 2010.