Poll Results; New Poll

by Rachel · December 27, 2010 · New Poll · 2 Comments

Well, it looks like there was more Bruce Willis than George C. Scott (or whoever stars in your favorite version of A Christmas Carol) being watched by the LAMBs this week. Hopefully it was after all the kids went to bed.

Since 2010 is drawing to a close, what did you think of this year’s films in general. LIONs for LAMBs will be coming up soon, probably the end of January, so this is just a teaser poll.

2 Responses to Poll Results; New Poll

  1. blake says:

    The next poll should be, “Where did the ‘LAMB Chops’ feature go?”

  2. Rachel says:

    I’ve been wondering that myself. I hope it’s just the holidays getting in the way.

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