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by Rachel · December 13, 2010 · New Poll · 10 Comments
It turns out you guys don’t want to change a thing. So the monthly Leaderboard will continue to be determined by traffic sent to the LAMB and the various weekly Chops will continue as normal. However, that also means the 32 of you who voted to keep Chops alive should be the ones flooding Jason and Ivan’s inboxes with submissions, unless that was just Jason voting from 32 different computers.

So now for the obligatory holiday film poll:

It’s Christmas Eve. Your beer and pizza milk and cookies are set out for Santa. But before visions of sugar-plums can dance through your head, you settle down for one last Christmas movie. What disc do you pop in the dvd player: traditional (It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story) or twisted (Die Hard, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Bad Santa)? Go vote. Results on Christmas!

(Editor’s Note: I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most still watch the films.)

10 Responses to Poll Results; New Poll

  1. Alex says:

    Can’t it be both? I’m as likely to pop in White Christmas as I am Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…

  2. Rachel says:

    Sorry, I’m going to be a tyrant and say you must choose one. Think of it as you have to pick one over the other, which would you prefer?

  3. Alex says:

    No worries, I already picked Twisted!

  4. Jason Soto says:

    Surprising, since I hardly get any Chops sent to me anymore. We’ll see tomorrow, I guess.

  5. Castor says:

    These polls actually originated from me. I’m not surprised because it would actually require more work to comment on LAMB than click on a link 😉

    Let’s just say there will a change at the top 🙂

  6. Nick says:

    Lame! I wanted the leaderboard to consist of sites that comment the most. I think it would not only help spur more LAMB activity, but it would weed out those who contribute to the LAMB (what I think the leaderboard should really be about) from those who are just popular and have a link at the top of their page.

  7. Castor says:

    I agree Nick but that’s what people want so what can we do 🙁

  8. Angie says:

    Had to vote twice! Love both types of films!

  9. Rachel says:

    Angie, if it comes down to a tie, you’re responsible for the tie-breaker.

  10. It’s nice to know Jason and I are still employed and that we won’t have to ring the Salvation Army bell. (Well, I won’t anyway–perhaps I shouldn’t speak for Jason.)

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