Poll Results; New Polls

by Rachel · March 8, 2011 · New Poll · No Comments
Well with 45% of the vote, we easily pre-crowned The King’s Speech as Best Picture before the Academy. Sucks to be The Fighter without a single supporter. Of course in hindsight, I realize I should’ve included a sister poll which would’ve asked which film you thought should win also. I’ll remedy that mistake next year.
Now for new polls…plural. Participation was way down in this year’s LIONs for LAMBs polls and volunteers for LAMB Devours the Oscars. So I’m just wondering why? But if you did participate in the LIONs, what did you think of the voting process? I had a Top 5 of every category (except Top 10 Films) whereas, last year Fletch only had Top 10 Films and Worst 5 Films, then listed only the first place and runner-up for everything else. Essentially, you the voters wouldn’t have had to list your top five choices in every category. So I want to know, which do you prefer.
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