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by Rachel · April 15, 2011 · New Poll, The LAMMYs · 3 Comments

The results are in for the latest polls, in which I wanted to know what current LAMMY categories need to go and which ones of years past need to be brought back. With 31% of the votes, Best Random LAMB Banner has been ousted, which makes me a little sad because it is one of the easiest categories to vote in since all the banners can viewed on one page. Coming in second with 22% of the votes was Best Overall Post, which had it not been voted to go, I would’ve probably pulled executive rank and booted it anyway, because I’m under the impression from Fletch that counting up nominee votes for that category is brutal. But you guys chose wisely. Oh and to the ONE person who vote Best Blog category be retired…nice try.

As for which categories get to come out of retirement, with 47% of the votes Best Running Feature will make a triumphant return. Coming in second with a sharp decline in votes, but still with 23%, is Best Ratings System. Thank you to everyone who voted. The formal 2011 LAMMY announcement will be posted on Monday, so stay tuned.

For our new poll, I’m going to keep it simple: Which summer movie are you most anticipating? I’ve limited the options to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seeds on Fletch’s March to Box Office Madness bracket along with the lovely “Other” option. Should you choose said “Other” option, please spill your most anticipated summer movie in the comments.

3 Responses to Poll Results; New Poll

  1. Fletch says:

    Monday? Sweeeet!!!!

  2. cinemasights says:

    I’m pretty sure the only film coming out this summer is The Tree of Life.

  3. Nick says:

    Whoo! I’m really gonna be pimping out 60/60 and The Vlog this year. I better win SOMETHING for once!

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