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by Rachel · April 1, 2011 · LIONs for LAMB, New Poll, The LAMMYs · 11 Comments
Well it’s good to know that people didn’t participate in the LION Awards or LAMB Devours the Oscars due to forgetting. The majority of poll participants say they did participate in LIONs and Devours. A tie for second place were the new LAMBs who weren’t around during the features and the folks who didn’t see enough films to participate. It’s good to know that only four LAMBs claimed no interest at all.

As for the format of the LIONs, it seems the majority prefers voting for their top 5 in each category. That’s cool. Extra math for me, but the results feel more thorough.

Now it’s time to start talking LAMMY Awards! (Click here if you have no idea what a “LAMMY Award” is.) The following are last year’s categories:

Best Design
Best Blog
Best Blog Name
Most Prolific
Best Blog-a-thon/Meme
Funniest Writer
Brainiac Award
Best Random LAMB Banner
Best Overall Post
Best Horror/Sci-Fi Blog
Best Classic Film Blog
Best Festival/Awards Coverage
Best New LAMB (starting with LAMB #517)
Best Podcast
Best Movie Reviewer

The first poll will ask which category you want to go. The one (maybe two) with the most votes will not be in this year’s awards.

Here are previous awards that have been retired (links to ones that may need further explanation):

Best Ratings System
Most Likely to Get Paid
Best Use of Widgetology
Most Ambitious
Best Running Feature
Best Theme
Best Impression of JD Salinger
Best Impression of Bob Dylan
Best Use of Technology (Alternative Media)

The second poll wants to know if any of these need to come out of retirement to replace whatever current category(ies) is ousted. If you choose “Other” please comment or email me with suggestions. I’ll leave the polls up for a couple of weeks and once we have the results the nomination process will begin.

The LAMMYs belong to all of us so please decide what categories are worthy of your votes!

11 Responses to Poll Results; New Polls

  1. I like all the awards currently in circulation, so, unless an option to keep then all gets added, I’m not voting.

  2. Red says:

    Don’t think that us over at AM have forgotten about the promised Honorary LAMMY for the Greatest Comedy Tournament last summer. 🙂

    Joking aside (but seriously, we’re not joking), the LAMMYs was a fun feature out there, looking forward to see what comes out of it this year.

  3. Fletch says:

    First of all – I like Sebastian’s comment! 🙂

    But I voted for the current leaders…dump Brainiac and bring back Running Feature.

    Funny that you even included Best Blog on the potential dumpees poll. As if!!

  4. Rachel says:

    I like the Running Feature Award too. I’d like to dump Best Overall Post. It’s just too hard to nominate (probably even harder to calculate said nominees).

    And I just wanted to see if anyone dare vote against The Holy Grail award so I left it as an option.

  5. Fletch says:

    Oh shit, yea. I spaced out and glanced over them too quickly. No offense to those that have won that in the past, but the voting on it is screwy – it always ends up with just about an 80-way tie for first place or something. And any votes that do come are for posts from a week or two prior. Changed my vote.

    FYI – Blogger’s polls are acting screwy lately…

  6. I considered changing my vote to Best Overall Post but the category I think that really needs to be shown the door is Most Prolific. Why would you hand out an award to someone in love with the sound of their own blog?

  7. I think all of those Lammy awards categories are okay. I wouldn’t change anything.

  8. edgarchaput says:

    Best us of technology sounds really cool. How innovative can a blogger get? Sounds like a good award to me.

  9. edgarchaput says:

    Hmm, I meant to write widgetology.

  10. Univarn says:

    Were is the option for “Best Looking Bridesmaid who will never be a LAMMY Bride” because I’ve so got that win in the bag.

    However, I think we all agree Overall Post was a bit of a disaster last time with way too many options. It might have worked if people had to submit their post for consideration, but that could have been heavy on the work side of things. Fittingly, I’m going with Best Running Feature because I think it takes a real knack for writing to keep people coming back to the same topic over and over 🙂

  11. Matt-suzaka says:

    Damn, no love for best blog name? Being prolific doesn’t necessarily take talent, but there is an art to a blog name!

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