Poll Results; New Poll

by Rachel · May 20, 2011 · New Poll · No Comments

Well, it seems the For Your Consideration banners decorating the LAMB during the LAMMY nominations voting were very helpful, or at least entertaining, to most. We had a record-breaking 81 banners this year, up 16 from the 2010 LAMMYs. Thanks to all who sent them in and all the voters who actually took them under consideration.

And now for something new. There have been a few bloggers whom I regularly read discussing their DVD/Blu-Ray collections lately, particularly what movies they own that baffle them because they are rarely watched. A good majority of us can probably relate, as we pick up DVDs here and there for cheap or get them as gifts, watch them once, maybe twice and never touch them again.

After several of his readers listed many of their films which fall under such category, the Mad Hatter casually commented that we should all just start swapping movies with one another. I wondered if the LAMB would be a good central hub for such a project? I know there are other websites out there that host such a thing, but I thought it could be fun for our community. I haven’t hammered out any details*, because if no one wants to participate, I’m not going to put too much thought into it. So for now, all I want to know is if you are or are not interested in a LAMB community DVD swap. Vote in the poll and leave additional comments below.

[Editor’s Note: The only thing I can guarantee for sure is that the LAMB will not be responsible for lost movies or postage.]