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by Rachel · May 5, 2011 · New Poll · 1 Comment

It looks like most of us will be first in line for the final chapter of Harry Potter this summer. No real surprise there. I’m more surprised at the second place winner Super 8, since I haven’t personally heard much anticipation for. Is this our way of telling Hollywood we’re sick of comic book adaptations?

Next I’m getting back to the LAMMYs. Tell me what you think of the For Your Consideration ads that have dominated the site for the past two weeks. Have they been helpful when filling out your LAMMY ballot or a waste of space? Speaking of the LAMMYs, there are only a few days left to vote.


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  1. Univarn says:

    Even though the For Your Consideration ads don’t really influence who I’ll pick this year, they’ve definitely helped open me up to an assortment of other blogs that I’ll definitely have in the queue for next year’s voting go around. I still need to cross the Ts and dot the Is before I submit mine, but it’s pretty much a done deal.

    However, I think there’s been a great onslaught of creativity with this year’s for your considerations. Kind of makes me wish there was a category for them. Granted then you’d have to make for your considerations for your for your considerations and the infinite loop possibilities become incalculable.

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