The next Movie of the Month will be…

by Dylan · May 24, 2011 · MOTM · 7 Comments

The poll results are in – thank you to the 67 voters (a new high!) who have made The Thing the next MOTM. Here’s what needs to go down from here:

* The first thing you need to know is that June 11th is the big day.

* You have just under three weeks to watch the flick if you haven’t already, and to write up something, then send me the link ( to either what you write or something previously written. If you’re planning on doing the former, please hold the post in draft until the 11th (you can send a link prior if you have the capability to do so).

* On June 4th, we’ll be recording our MOTM-themed episode of the LAMBcast, where we’ll dissect and discuss The Thing. If you’d like to get in on it, there are still a couple spots open – just head over to the LAMB Forums to claim one.

* On the 11th, the LAMBcast will be posted, as well as all of the links to anything written. In addition, I’ll include a poll to decide what the next MOTM flick will be. If you have suggestions, leave them in the comments here (though I imagine I’ll include most of the films from this last poll that received a good percentage of the votes). That poll will run for a week, and then there’ll be three weeks until the next event, and so on.

Here are the final results of the poll:

* The Thing, Master and Commander, Fandango, and From Dusk Till Dawn will be removed from the next poll, leaving four spots for new suggestions.


7 Responses to The next Movie of the Month will be…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a newbie question… How do you send a link to a post that’s still listed under drafts? Just wondering.

  2. Fletch says:

    @ Anon – For WordPress: easy – schedule it for the date and you’ll have a “view” link on your posts page.

    In Blogger: the only way I know how is to publish, get the link, then re-save as a draft and schedule for the later date. Kind of a pain as it’ll put the post in your RSS feed anyway, but if you initially pre-date it to a long time ago, RSS readers won’t see it unless they scour back in time on your feed.

  3. Joel Burman says:

    Tired time I try to post this comment at least you can’t blame me for not being enthusiastic.

    Here are some film suggestions for coming MOTM:

    The Fast and the Furious
    Body Double
    Long Kiss Goodnight
    The Conversation
    The Big Blue
    When a Man Loves a Woman

  4. cinemasights says:

    One of these days, it will be The Third Man.

    That being said, I do like the past two films we’ve done a lot. And The Thing is awesome.

  5. Fletch says:

    @ Joel – Blogger issues I’ve been hearing about, I take it?

    Have no fear, I’ve saved your comment and will be taking those movies into consideration for next month. I guarantee at least a few will make the poll…unless I forget about the email. 😉

    Though The Conversation will not be one of them, I’m afraid, since we did that one a long time ago for the MOTM. What are the odds?

    @ James – Yeah, so long as it continues to get over 5%, it’ll stay in here. One day…

  6. Braydon says:

    nice site to see about the movie blogs

  7. Joel Burman says:

    Yeah for some reason I could not post comments on blogger yesterday but I got different error messages on the sites strange!

    I gotta check that conversation round-up out its a hell of a movie!

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