REMINDER: LAMB Photoshop #8 Due

by Jason Soto · November 15, 2011 · LAMB Photoshop · 1 Comment

Reminder that LAMB Photoshops are due on Monday November 21st at 11PM EST. The theme is “If Every Movie Was Made By Merchant Ivory Productions“. If you don’t know who Merchant Ivory is, here’s a list of their movies.

Another reminder, we are now offering prizes! The prizes are provided by our friends at And they are the following:

1st prize – $75 Amazon voucher (American only)
2nd prize – $50 Amazon voucher (American only)
(If you’re from the UK, we will offer you a UK prize pack, so don’t let that worry you.)

Anyway, email all submissions to and PLEASE include the name of your website in your email so I know who you are.

Thanks and good luck!


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  1. CineWeekly says:

    You should rename LAMB Photoshop to LAMB ‘Shops.

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