LAMB Photoshop #11 Winner and #12 Starts

by Jason Soto · March 27, 2012 · LAMB Photoshop · 1 Comment

In one of the closest wins I’ve seen in awhile, the winner of “Movies Made Better If They Starred Clint Eastwood” is:

I been watching a lot of shark movies lately over at my site, and apparently The Asylum has stock invested in shark movies because they made most of the ones I’ve been seeing lately. If you’re not familiar with The Asylum, they’re the film company that makes “Mockbusters”, those movies you see in video stores that sound and look like a theatrical release but they change the title just a little bit. Some examples include, and I”m not making these up, “Transmorphers”, “The Terminators”, “Snakes on a Train”, and probably my favorite of all “Paranormal Entity”. 
Anyway, this got me thinking: What If The Asylum Made Rip-Off Movies Of Classic Films? You can take that however you want. If you want to imagine The Asylum around in the 1920’s ripping off a Charlie Chaplin film, or if you want to use present day The Asylum going back to remake old films but changing them up a bit. It’s up to you! Since I’m sort of an expert on this company, to help you out in the photoshop department, a lot of their movie’s “stars” usually includes a famous person’s brother or sister, a washed up actor who hasn’t worked in 20 years, a washed up pop star who hasn’t had an album in 30 years, or a 90’s sitcom star. 
With your task set up, here’s the rules:
1. Email all submissions to
2. This round will run until Monday April 9th at 11:00 PM EST.
3. On the 10th, I will post all the submissions and you will have a week to vote for a winner.
4. Then we start again with a new round.
5. I will only accept JPEGS or animated GIFS. NO videos or whatever else.
Any other questions or comments, leave them in this post or email me.
Thanks and good luck!