LAMB Photoshop #12 Ends And…It’s Over!

by Shep. Burman · April 10, 2012 · LAMB Photoshop · 2 Comments

So in some disappointing news, I only received one submission for this week’s Photoshop contest, “What If The Asylum Ripped Off Older Movies” and it was from “The Droid You’re Looking For“.

And so it is with that I’m gonna bring the LAMB Photoshop’s to a close. I’ve decided to do this due to the lack of interest. If no one’s gonna bother sending anything in but John from TDYLF, then I don’t see any reason to keep bothering with it myself.

With that said, I am gonna try a new feature sometime in the next week and we’ll see how that fairs out. To everybody who did send in entries in the past, I do thank you for participating and hope to see you all again next week for the new feature.