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by Rachel · December 12, 2011 · New Poll · 4 Comments

Most of us think 1 to 4 is an appropriate amount of dvds/Blu-Rays to ask for this time of year, but I was surprised by the 21% who dare ask for more than 10 on their Christmas wish list. Out of curiosity, how many do you typically receive?

For this next poll, I wanna know how many of you make a trip to the movies on Christmas Day.

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  1. Univarn says:

    I’m an oddity when it comes to these things because I’m in the 10+ ask range. But I only really ask for about 3 – 4 (and note them by putting asterisks beside them). The remainders are usually just there as placeholders in case one of the select few are beyond reach. Or if the original few come in under budget and there’s wiggle room for extra. Granted I’m a painfully spoiled individual so that probably factors in as well.

  2. Gotta keep it small. I usually put the more uncommon ones on my wish lists. Also, the ones I can’t find in small chains like the Bay Area’s Rasputin stores.

  3. amy says:

    I keep it broad in the +10 pick to give more options to pick from, but one usually gets 2-4 picks of those if you’re lucky.

  4. Anna says:

    Well do boxsets count? I mean I asked for the HP full boxset which is 8 films, and that rates my total to 10!

    Not too bad I guess. I rarely get the ones I want anyway, because to this date my family doesn’t really get that I like films! D’uh!

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