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In October of 2010, Dylan (founder of this lovely community) asked a shocking question on Facebook: Would anybody be willing to take over running the LAMB? What?! It was like Santa was asking one of the elves if they wanted to run the North Pole, which could only result in total chaos.

After emailing Dylan to verify that he must be joking, I found out that he indeed was completely serious. Real life had gotten in the way, and he no longer could give his all to shepherding the LAMB. So after convincing myself I had time, or could find the time, to do it, I took a deep breath and hit reply, saying I’d keep the LAMB going…as best I could.

Jump ahead 15 months and the LAMB has survived. But has it thrived? That’s what got me into the this mindset last month. Things have been running quite smoothly, with our regular weekly/monthly/annual features on track, almost 500 new LAMBs added under my watch and no permanent damage done. But I haven’t found myself with the creative energy to add any new features or make any significant changes. Or perhaps I was too scared to try. Either way, I realized my heart wasn’t in it anymore and this community deserves better.

And so I’ve decided to step down and hand the reins over to the very enthusiastic Joel of Deny Everything (LAMB #913). If you follow the LAMB on Twitter, that’s thanks to Joel. If you’ve been to the forums lately and noticed a spike in community discussion, that’s thanks to Joel. No doubt he is the best man for the job.

Of course, only after I emailed Dylan my “resignation” did I realize that I was doing it at a terribly busy time for the LAMB with the LAMB Devours the Oscars and LIONs for LAMBs underway. So I decided to stick around to see both of those features finished up. Plus I’ll still be handling the weekly LAMBScores, so you’re not completely rid of me. As of now Joel will be taking over the general day-to-day duties and all contact for the LAMB can still go to

So that’s all I got. It’s been a very insightful (and fun) 15 months as your shepherdess, but I’m not the most sentimental girl in the blogosphere, and I’ll just end by saying thanks for sticking with the LAMB.

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