LAMB Photoshops: And The Winner Is

by Jason Soto · January 10, 2012 · LAMB Photoshop · 2 Comments

After months of participation and waiting, we have finally come to our overall Round 1 winner! Before I announce who it is, I’d like to thank for sponsoring this contest and providing the awesome prizes the winners are going to receive. Also like to thank everyone who ever participated in this contest because without you, this whole feature wouldn’t exist. And even if you didn’t win, I’d like to thank you for being mature about it.

With that out of the way, the second place winner is Film Actually! Congratulations! You win $50 in Amazon bucks!

And the first place winner is The Droid You’re Looking For! And you win a $75 Amazon Gift Card thingy! 

I will be contacting you guys soon about giving you guys your prizes.

Here’s how all the votes broke down:

If it means anything, Split Reel, I do thank you for being the only person to submit anything for that week’s contest. And that’s it! I’m taking some time off from the feature to figure out some new exciting contests and other awesome stuff. Thanks for playing and reading.