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by Shep. Burman · February 24, 2012 · Uncategorized · 6 Comments

Twitter is becoming an important communication platform/device for bloggers and that is more true than ever when it comes to us LAMBs. I started the official LAMB twitter account in august but really never found the time or the motivation to come clean on our where abouts on there. I’d thought I’d give it a try now.

I get a lot of questions on why I don’t follow the individual LAMB members? The answer is that I’ve from the start have promoted an active community hence I’ve decided to reward/follow the most active lambs on a monthly basis. I’m still working on the exact formula where active twitter lambs will be followed based on stats. However, I’ve found it hard to work out something thats both transparent and easy to keep track off. To be honest I’d need a premium stats account on Twitter Counter to be able to keep it as accurate and direct as I want it to be.

As of now I’ll be following the LOTM (LAMB of the Month) and the top LAMB on the LAMBoard for that month.

Instead of following each individual LAMB I’ve set up a tweeting lambs list (currently holds 163 lambs) which I update daily (mostly based on the new LAMB members that are added). Its suggested that you check if you have been added to it. You do that by clicking on your lists and select member of. If tweeting lambs is not on there I’d suggest you tweet me requesting to be added but also give me your LAMB nr.

I also encourage you all to tweet me your blogposts and I’ll RT them, the only exception is news oriented stuff like casting- or green lightning announcements etc.

The tweets I receive and the tweeting lambs list is also the base for the Daily LAMB which is an automated twitter publication that randomly puts together a daily newsletter with blogposts and articles from within the LAMB community. Its a neat little feature that bring in surprisingly much traffic for being so effortless.

Using hashtags is a huge part of the twitter experience and with that in mind I’ve compiled a list of LAMB related ones that you could use to help getting your message out.

The main LAMB tag = #thelamb
LAMB of the Month = #lotm
MOTM = #lambmotm
Lambcast = #lambcast
LAMB Podcasting Network = #lambpodnetwork
Classic Chops = #classichops
Lamb Casting = #lambcasting
Lamb Scores = #lambscores
Directors Chair = #dirchair
Official Lamb Twitter List = #tweetinglambs
General bounding hashtag = #lammiesunite

I hope this has been an helpful introduction on how to interact with the LAMB on twitter and if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments or tweet me!

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6 Responses to Baaahing in 140 characters or less…

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you! What an awesome introduction for Twitter newbies like me. A question: does this mean that the autotweeting that comes whenever one of my posts goes live isn’t enough for The Lamb to catch it? Do I need to double-tweet every new post, one directed @Thelamb?

    • Shep. Burman says:

      Exactly! Hence the “being active” yourself part. It also have to be like that because other wise I’d do nothing but RT:ing lamb’s all day. However, I’d say its probably possibly to add a @lambthe script thingy to to your auto post feed. I’m just not tech savvy enough myself to know how.

  2. Jessica says:

    I don’t think that’s doable. I’ve just connected my twitter account to my wordpress account. That’s all I did. Then double posting it is.

    • Shep. Burman says:

      Don’t worry about double tweeting being seen as spamming. Twitter is to flowing to ever being able to keep entirely “checked”. My main advice for twitter newbs is to relax and not try to check/keep up with their entire feed all the time. I used to be liked that and its impossible.

      I’d rather suggest you create some lists that you follow that you can dive in and out of as a complement to your general feed.

  3. Thanks for this post. I’ve only recently started to expand my twitter presence, and I’m finding it’s not such an easy thing to manage. This info helps a bit.

  4. Great write-up, Joel. Hopefully more Lambs that we don’t already know are on twitter will see this and join the network.

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