The 5th Annual LION Awards: Best Actor

by Rachel · February 23, 2012 · LIONs for LAMB · 5 Comments

Finishing the acting awards, the results for Best Actor follow this year’s trend of “the Academy got it wrong”:

5. Michael Shannon in Take Shelter (47 points)

4. Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (49 points)

3. Jean Dujardin in The Artist (52 points)

2. Michael Fassbender in Shame (80 points)

1. Ryan Gosling in Drive (85 points)
Looking for Pitt and Clooney? They tied behind Shannon with 41 points each. Tomorrow will be the Best Director Award. Stay tuned.


5 Responses to The 5th Annual LION Awards: Best Actor

  1. Dylan says:

    Wow – that’s a bit of a stunner for me, not to even have Clooney in the top five. The love for Drive/Gosling has officially gone bonkers when he tops this list. I mean…good, but not that freaking good. Nice to see Fassbender in the top five, though.


  3. Squasher88 says:

    Hmm, no Brad Pitt? I guess he split his own vote with 2 stellar performances.

  4. Ha! No Clooney! Just the way I like it.

  5. This is an indie film lover’s dream come true! Of course, the fact that we snubbed Clooney means he’s certain to win on Sunday. Hahaha!

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