LAMB Photoshops #11

by Jason Soto · March 6, 2012 · LAMB Photoshop · No Comments

Season 2! It’s time to get real! Or something. Anyway, after taking time off to let some award show that everyone seems to like come and go, and asking you fine folks for suggestions for themes, it’s time to begin our LAMB Photoshops! As you recall, Season 1 was full of mystery, wonderment, and controversy! What will happen this time? Let’s find out!

This time around, I’m gonna use a suggestion from John over at “The Droid You’re Looking For” who came up with this neat topic: “Movies That Would Be Better Starring Clint Eastwood.” Feel free to pick any era Eastwood for this.

Here are the rules in case you forgot.
1. You have until Monday March 19th at 11:59PM EST to send in your Photoshop.
2. Email all submissions to
3. On the 20th, I’ll put all the submissions in one post and have the fine people of the LAMB vote on which one they like best.
4. I will announce a winner on March 27th and start Round #12.

We will still be offering prizes from our friends at (Check them out on Facebook as well!) but more on that when the time comes! Anyway, if there’s any other questions or problems, email them to me or leave them as a comment. And always remember: in the long run, this is really all just for fun, so please try to do so!