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by Shep. Burman · March 25, 2012 · New Poll · 1 Comment

I asked you which of these franchises you’d like to see featured on an upcoming LAMBcast. Its a safe choice to say that we should make sure to cover either Die Hard or Jurassic Park because they killed it!

Also I noticed that Robocop sprinted good in the end and I guess that had a lot to do with the recent casting announcements for the upcoming Robocop reboot!

And for you 4 Crocodile Dundee fans, sorry and better luck next time! =)

The new poll is up to the left make sure to give us your opinion!

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  1. TheVern says:

    What. I can’t belive Jurassic Park is beating Die Hard. McClaine had better sequels than those pesky Dinos.

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