Shepherds Easter Egg! (Shepherd’s Pie April)

by Joel · April 6, 2012 · Shepherds Pie · 2 Comments

Time for another opportunity for me to preach about something in here. This its all about being connected.

Having a smartphone is an awesome resource when being involved with the LAMB and the film blogosphere. I thought I’d list the top five LAMB related iPhone apps.

1. Twitter is an obvious choice if you already use it on your computer. However, it gets a total new dimension when tweeting from a smartphone, its amazingly resourceful and fun. I use the main simple twitter app myself and am satisfied with it. However, I wouldn’t mind an update that handles lists and hashtags better. Unfortunately Tweetdeck that has that kind of features is really unstable, so for now I stick with this one.

2. Feedler is a Google (Reader) based RSS reader. I’d say that 85% of my blog reading comes from RSS feeds and its extremely convenient to plow through your blogposts while on the bus or in the restroom at work. =) There are other RSS readers available but I’ve been using Feedler the most. The only cons with it is the lack of multiple accounts access but I’d also would want to be able to delete feeds on it which isn’t possible right now.

3. WP/Blogger – Among blog related apps the WordPress and Blogger apps are given. I have most experience from the WP one since my private blog is on self hosted WP. As I understand it the app works with also.
I rarely use the app for blogging since the iPhone screen is so small but its a great way to moderate and answer on comments when being out and about. The Blogger app I recently downloaded when taking over as Shepherd and its biggest letdown is the lack of comment moderation.

4. Proboards might be the odd one out of the bunch but its perfect for us LAMBs since our forum is hosted by Proboards. As with the WP app above I do a lot of my LAMBforums activities on my phone when commuting which is awesomely time saving. It costs a couple of bucks but is easily worth it especially if you are participating on other Proboards forums.

5. GetGlue is like foursquare but with media consumption instead of places. So instead of checking into a  location you check in on a film, TV-serie, podcast or musical album/song. Its not the perfect tool for keeping track of what you have watched (Letterboxd is but there is no app for it yet) but its a good conversation starter when being linked to Twitter and Facebook. The cons I have stumbled upon is that its really messy when adding stuff to their database, I’ve been trying to add the LAMB Podcasting Network members on there without success so far.

I’ve been thinking and it would be incredible awesome if we could produce our own LAMBapp for iPhone and Android. So please give me your feedback on both your favorite movie/blogging related apps but also a future LAMBapp. What features might translate well into it and what could some new smartphone based ones be?

Glad Påsk!

2 Responses to Shepherds Easter Egg! (Shepherd’s Pie April)

  1. Dave says:

    Shep, I agree with all of your points regarding connectivity. I use the basic Twitter app, Feedler, Blogger and Get Glue as well, and the iPhone is a powerful tool for those apps. I, too, have a long bus commute and it’s just great plowing through all of my feeds, articles, blogs, tweets, etc while on-the-go. Nice to see you and I on the same page.

    It saddens me to see no one else has commented on this. Seems that this site doesn’t get as much traffic as it should.

    As for the LAMBapp, what a huge undertaking that could be. I’m not sure yet if it would be a great advantage for fellow LAMBs, though. I don’t have ideas on how to make it work or worthwhile, but I’ll definitely think about it.

    Keep up the great work. I appreciate your efforts!

  2. Shep. Burman says:

    Thanks Dave! Let me know if you come up with a idea that can be implemented on the LAMBapp.

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