Shepherds Pie – Missing in action…

by Joel · September 26, 2013 · Shepherds Pie · No Comments



Just wanted to give a quick shout out about not being a very active Shep as of lately…

As you may have noticed my participation level has been at an all-time-low since taking over as Shepherd after Rachel. It is solely due to an insane workload in my real life where I’m in the midst of an insane production spree that will have featured 5 shoots (a Short film, a TV vignette for Swedens biggest comedy show, an informercial, a commercial and a ten day documentary shoot) in the same amount of weeks. I still have two two to finish. During the trip far north in Sweden while filming rain deers for ten days I didn’t have a trace of either cell phone or wifi signal. Hence the real silence a couple of weeks ago… 

With that said I’m easing back to the bandwagon a little every day but I’m on a level of production fatigue where I can’t really concentrate that much outside of work hours that right now are around 12-18 hours long depending on the stage of of the current production so please bare with me if you feel its to much of a slack. I’ve unfortunately gone down to far in the tunnel to be able to do a good temporary out-source so I’ll skip that option and try to get back in the saddle when things slow down. That will hopefully happen after the next week (at least I don’t have any shoots planned after that).

Got to say though that I’ve never been more certain of the importance of the LAMB and its members. It stings my heart to bench myself when I still get one or two new LAMB applications a day and the community in general is doing great even though the leadership at least from my POV might not be as spot on/focused as it have been in the past.

In the meanwhile I’d appreciate to hear your suggestions for new features or re-boots of current ones so we can keep it fresh when I get back to full speed! So fire away! 



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