Poll Results and finally a new poll!!!!

by Shep. Burman · May 17, 2012 · New Poll · 3 Comments

I asked what you think of 3D at the movies and its pretty clear that the LAMB community won’t be handing out any technical achievements awards to 3D engineers anytime soon!

Over to the new poll! I ask you how many LAMBs you should be able to nominate in the general categories next year!

Fire away!


3 Responses to Poll Results and finally a new poll!!!!

  1. amy says:

    There wasn’t actually an option for me to pick, because I’m more on the “it’s worth it when it’s put to good use” type of people… but generally, I just wished I didn’t have to deal with 3D re-releases or conversion xD

    In any case… there’s only one flick I wouldn’t mind watch in 3D re-release: The Matrix. xD

  2. I voted for 5 in the poll about number of Lammy nominations, but that is for all the categories except Best Overall Lamb, which could be 10. Possibly go to 10 on New Lambs too if we have as many new folks signing up as we did this year.

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