Trailer Trash Tuesday: 05/01/2012

by The Vern · May 1, 2012 · Trailer Trash · 3 Comments

Here we are folks another week, another day and we are that much closer to the start of the summer blockbuster season.  Yes the season kicks off with “The Avengers” May 4th and while I am excited to see this.  Let’s not forget some other upcoming movies that you should be excited to check out as well.

As Always I will be focusing on two wide release movies and two independent ones. 

Hope Springs.      August 10 2012

Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones are a married couple who after 30 years try to rekindle an attraction for each other while at a couples retreat.  Both actors seem to be very confident in their roles, but this looks like something we have seen before from them. Miss Streep seems to be doing her I want to be young again persona from movies like “It’s Complicated” and Mr. Jones seems to be just doing his straight man shtick roles from the “Men in Black” franchise. In fact I think a better concept would have both him and Will Smith as a long married gay couple who try to renew their vows and rekindle their passion in a small conservative town, because that’s where they first met. If any producers are reading this. Call me and we’ll talk. “Hope Springs” however wants to be somewhat risque in it’s talk about sexual intimacy,but it plays them just a bit too safe for me to have any real interest despite some really funny moments . This is the Disney version of a Viagra commercial.

This is 40.           Dec 21 2012

This is being labeled as the sort of sequel to the comedy “Knocked Up“, but it won’t feature Seth Rogen or Katherine Higel. Which is a shame because Higel could use a hit movie again and appearing in this would get her name back in the spotlight again. .  Instead it will focus on the married friends Paul and Debbie( Paul Rudd, and Lesile Mann)who go through a bunch of comedic adventures while turning the big four O. The trailer to this really didn’t impress me much. I feel that this concept has been done before, but I have faith that Judd Apatow will deliver a stellar movie. Now all I need now is the “Freaks and Geeks” movie to start production.

2 Days in New York.       Aug 10 2012

Although this is a very short trailer, I am very interested in watching this. Just wished that it wasn’t being sold as a sequel to “2 days in Paris” because both movies have very little to do with each other. This one actually looks way funnier and Julie Delpy doesn’t appear to be the same character like she was in the last flick. Also Chris Rock doesn’t seem to be doing his stand up comedy persona he has used in other films either, I’m sold.

Your Sister’s Sister.      June 29 2012

A man(Mark Duplass) has sex with his friend’s(Emily Blunt) sister(Rosemarie Dewitt),but than discovers that he might actually have feelings for his friend when she comes to visit him. This so called romantic conflict could have  easily be solved if these characters would just be honest and talk openly with each other. The man shouldn’t feel guilty that he had sex with his friend’s sister because they were never a couple, and futhermore  why didn’t they just discuss how they felt all that time they were friends. The cast looks solid and this does hold some mild interest for me, but not something I would catch in theatres. Mainly because I can’t stand movies that could have easily been solved in thirty minutes instead of wasting  two hours.

What do ewe think about this week’s trailers. Leave comments and suggestions about what new trailers I should talk about next week.

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