Proud to be a Shepherd! (Shepherds Pie June)

by Shep. Burman · June 1, 2012 · 2012 LAMMYs, Shepherds Pie, The LAMMYs · 10 Comments

As no one one here can have missed we are in the midst of #LAMMY2012. 

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped us boost the community the last couple of weeks through this awesome event… 

First of all I got to say the last couple of weeks really have shown the true potential of our community and my long term goal for the LAMB is for it to be more like this all year around not only through the LAMMYs.

Being positive, I really think we are going places because people are bonding a lot faster and the general commenting tone is really friendly and inviting over the board.

The same goes for twitter. Without having any statistical proof I’d say that the community spread on twitter is superfast, especially among new LAMBs. More or less 95% of them are active on twitter and I seriously have a hard time keeping up with the blogpost RT’s.

Another proof of the growth on twitter is just to look at @LAMBthe‘s twitter stats. If there is a similar increase the rest of this year we should hit 1000 followers early next year which of course is awesome!

Also this was the first time that a LAMB #hashtag really have taken off. The use of #LAMMY2012 on twitter shows a prominent list of tweets and hopefully that will give our members some ideas how to get their information out.
Another thing I have noticed among a lot of the new LAMBs and the newer nominees is a slightly cockier attitude toward the LAMMYs which I really enjoy because I think it shows that we have a high ceiling and an inviting community when the newer members feel that they can occupy and take that kind of space. 
Now over to some occurrences that have made me smile and almost cry of happiness a couple of times (might have to explain I’ve been under immense stress going through a separation and working a new production job the last couple of weeks so I’ve been having some mixed feelings and exhaustion thrown into the mix). 
First of all its impossible not to smile to the fact that a ton of people downloaded the nomination podcast within a heartbeat after its release. I don’t have the stats for it but I guess this is the time we actually reach out to those folks that normally don’t listen to podcasts. 
However, I wanted to make a point of not posting an entire nomination list too fast just to keep the buzz going for the podcast and soon enough people of course got impatient. What I like in situations like these is someone actually taking matters into their own hands rather than just complaining about the lack of a list. 
Hence Sam from Duke and the Movies stepped up to the plate and transcribed the entire show by compiling an entire link list of the nominees. The awesomeness in this is so plain and simple that I got to applaud him and linking to the post rather than doing an official one on here since I think that we should be thriving for this kind of activity a lot more. Also if Sam feel like sharing some traffic insights on that post I’d be interested in hearing about it considering the amounts of links and tweets it rightfully got.
I’d also like to thank the bunch of nominees that actually have taken the time and done announcement/campaign posts about their nominations because it helps spreading the word about the LAMB and the LAMMYs and I dare to say that the entry que for the LAMB is packed full right now. Can’t wait to start up that feature again after the LAMMYs are announced.
Now over to two other requests I got this week that was not related to the LAMMYs. Shala from Life Between Films contacted me about writing some festival editorials/specials since she is an avid festival goer. It always warms my heart when a fairly new LAMB contacts me about stuff like this and I really look forward to read what she comes up with and I also encourage other Festival LAMBs to submit their own festival specials. 
The other request I’ve got came from this months LOTM (LAMB of the Month) Jason Soto from Invasion of the B-movies. Jason is such an inspiration for any LAMB when it comes to coming up with new features. I won’t go into details about this one because it can probably be tied in with a new LAMBforum feature that will be released after the LAMMYs but I think its great to have such a diversity among both new and older LAMBs when it comes to the contributing part! Its never too late to participate and getting involved!
Finally I’d like to sum up this overlong post by saying that I’ve never been more proud of being the LAMB shepherd and I’ve really enjoyed these last couple of weeks and look forward to the rest of the year since I have a bunch of announcements to declare after the LAMMYs.