The Netflix Game #7

by Jason Soto · June 2, 2012 · The Netflix Game · 36 Comments

Wow! After being gone for several weeks, Nick came back in full force and reclaimed the lead.

Alex Jowski, Lackey-8
Squasher88, Dan,-3
Kano, Dan Heaton-2
Joel, Alan Grimm-1

And last week’s answers:

1.  Two news reporters fall in love.-Anchorman
2. A group of teenagers become friends.-The Breakfast Club

1. A disfigured police officer gets a second chance.-Robocop
2. She totally forgot everything and needs help figuring out why weird shit is happening.-Mulholland Drive

1 .A nerdy guy gets a chance to date an attractive woman.-She’s Outta My League
2. He was old but very slowly he’s not.-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

And here’s this week’s. Will Nick stay on top? Will Bubbawheat reclaim the top? Or will somebody else entirely take the top spot? Let’s find out!

1. A group of kids vs the neighbors dog.
2. A man and his father go searching for something.

1. This guy really wants to be this actor.
2. Something happens while this is happening inside something that’s happening.

1. A kid has a hard time growing up and leaving his friends.
2. This guy really loves cars.

That’s it! Good luck!

36 Responses to The Netflix Game #7

  1. Dylan says:

    Holy crap, I’m here in time to compete!

    E1 – The Sandlot
    E2 – The Way

    M1 – Jimmy Hollywood?
    M2 – Inception?

    H1 – Stand By Me

  2. Dan says:

    E1 – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    M1 – The Last Action Hero
    M2 – The Matrix

    H1 – Big
    H2 – Days of Thunder

  3. Dylan says:

    M1 – Being John Malkovich

  4. Dylan says:

    Might as well try…H2 = Drive?

  5. Dylan says:

    I’ll take a tie for 3rd place after my first outing over here. Don’t think I’m gonna come up with H1 if it ain’t Stand By Me.

    • Jason Soto says:

      Yeah, I made the hards REALLY hard this week. There’s a chance you haven’t seen H1 or it’s been awhile. But not bad for your first outing! I’m glad different people are playing this week!

  6. Nick says:

    Damn! Been up 20 minutes and there’s only 1 left!

  7. Dan Heaton says:

    Wow, I really thought H1 was Big. Now I’m pretty much stumped. The Last Starfighter? Flight of the Navigator?

  8. Nick says:

    Just because it’s the kind of shit you would do… I’m gonna guess and say…

    H1: IT.

  9. Jason Soto says:

    Dan and Nick: NOPE! Keep guessing!

  10. Dan Heaton says:

    H1: The Muppets?

  11. Shala says:

    H1 – Toy Story 3?

  12. Jason Soto says:

    Shala and Steve: Nope and nope!

  13. Bubbawheat says:

    H1: The Goonies?

  14. Shala says:

    H1: American Graffiti?

  15. Jason Soto says:

    No and…no! Sorry! Wow! I knew it was gonna be hard but damn!

  16. Kaiderman says:

    The Outsiders?

  17. Bubbawheat says:

    If it weren’t for “kid” I’d say Toy Story 2.

  18. Jason Soto says:

    Ok! Here’s your first hint:
    Animated film.

    Another hint later today if no one gets it.

  19. Dan Heaton says:

    An American Tail?

  20. Nick says:

    The jungle book?

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