SYTYCR Round 1: The Fallen Identities

by Nick Jobe · August 3, 2012 · So You Think You Can Review · 12 Comments

That was easily two of the best reviews battling it out in that last match. Like the comments said, it was too bad only one could get through… but that one happened to be Kasper Gutman . So congrats! You’ve made it to the next round. And speaking of, Round 1 has officially (and finally) ended! A couple weeks ago, I asked if I should post the identities of the Fallen battlers at the end of the rounds or wait until the very end of the tournament. The vast majority asked for it to be put up at the end of every round… so that’s what I’m gonna do. What follows is a list giving a brief summary of their battle, the battle’s stats, and–finally–the identity of the competitor who didn’t quite make it. This post will be the primary of the tournament until Monday, when I will begin Round 2! (Assuming I have reviews in by then…) So sit back, relax, and prepare to be shocked and amazed at who all didn’t make it past the first round! Please leave comments and reactions below! Here is also the final bracket for Round 1. Click to make it bigger.


Battle #1 – Molstad

Molstad faced off against Rick von Sloneker in the first bout and reviewed Speed. With a total of 26 votes, Molstad lost out 30% to 69%. Maybe he just feels more at home as a talker, not a writer? Because this was none other than… Fredo from the Film Yarn podcast.

Battle #2 – The Crazy 88

The Crazy 88 actually almost won her battle against Macaulay Connor while reviewing the animated Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. But in the final hours, Macaulay scored a bunch of votes. With 54 total votes, The Crazy 88 lost 40% to 59%. And she was none other than… Amy Wong from YAM Magazine.

Battle #3 – Med School Movie Fanatic

In one of our early blowouts, Med School lost out to Your Accomplice in the Wood Chipper as they battled with Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. With 31 total votes, it turned out 29% to 70%. And this reviewer was none other than… Nick Robinson from Sputnik Reviews.

Battle #4 – The Movie Mugwump

Unfortunately, Movie Mugwump had to drop out of the competition due to health issues and was unable to participate in the battle of The Mist. This allowed his opponent, Ms. Jolly Holly-day, to move on to the next round. He was none other than… Zack from The Lightning Bug’s Lair.

Battle #5 – Dr. Diggler

This was a tough battle. In the second day of voting, Dr. Diggler fought back hard and almost took the whole thing. But in the last minutes, he was beat out by Dr. Richard Thornton in their reviews of City Lights. There were 46 total votes, and it was 52% to 47%. And this particular doctor was a newer LAMB by the name of Mr. Darko from The Movie Log.

Battle #6 – dogbitesman

For the second blowout battle, dogbitesman lost out to The Honorary Swede with their reviews for the Sam Raimi western, The Quick and the Dead. With 33 total votes, it came to 27% to 72%. This reviewer is another newer LAMB who goes by Movie Waffler from the site of the same name.

Battle #7 – Deems Taylor

Deems Taylor had a little fight in him there with his negative review of The Little Mermaid, but inevitably lost to Botch Casually in the battle. There were 36 total votes, with 25% to 75%. This reviewer, as it turns out, is Nick Rehak from the popular blog, French Toast Sunday.

Battle #8 – Remo Williams

This was more of a battle of style preference, since both reviews of Rope were generally well received. But in the end, Fox Mulder’s more academic approach won out over Remo’s more personal approach. There were 30 total votes, with 73% to 26%, making it one of the most shocking outs of the round, especially considering both were well liked. As it turns out, this reviewer doesn’t actually review all that much himself… it’s Kai Parker from Man, I Love Films.

Battle #9 – Loki Laufeyson

Loki Laufeyson was holding a strong lead, but Eyes Wide Open made a huge comeback and ended up beating Loki by a single point. I guess in the end, Maid in Manhattan was a little too much for her. There were 33 total votes, with 51% to 58%. And I’d say this is yet another shocker, as the competition just lost… Stevee Taylor of Cinematic Paradox.

Battle #10 – Kevin Smith

As I say the following, it is in no way a strike against “Kevin Smith.” But it’s this kind of loss that shows success in the anonymous format of this tournament. With 21 total votes for these reviews of Willy Wonka, Kevin Smith lost out to R.L. Logan 23% to 76%, making it the biggest percentage difference of the round. Something tells me had the names been revealed, the results might have been a little different. Why? Because Kevin Smith is none other than former Best Reviewer LAMMY Nominee… Dan “The Man” of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews.

Battle #11 – ThatGuyWithTheFunnyAccent

He actually came in as a replacement for another who had to drop out… and he didn’t do too bad! He faced off against Pinocchio_Liez as they reviewed Once Upon A Time in the West, and with a total of 31 votes, he lost out 38% to 61%. A number of people questioned his grammar and English-writing skills, but I’m relatively sure English is not his primary language. He mainly writes in Spanish… it’s Jaime Grijalva from Exodus 8:2.

Battle #12 – FrankDux

It was an incredibly tight race against Zelda’s Kid Sister on their Eraserhead reviews, but she barely beat him out by a couple votes. There were 22 total votes, with a difference of 54% to 45%. And fortunately, it was a tight race because both reviews were rather well-written. So this guy shouldn’t feel bad about a thing… it’s Will from Silver Emulsion.

Battle #13 – Karl Freund

This was an interesting battle, as Hayley had a strong lead, but despite some thinking his review of The Room didn’t quite grasp the concept of so-bad-its-good, Karl Freund began to catch up pretty fast. But in the end, he lost out by only a couple votes to Hayley. With 26 total votes, it was 53% to 46%. But hey, maybe there was a cultural difference? Because this was Michael Parent of Le Mot du Cinephilliaque

Battle #14 – Sorkin’s Understudy

This was probably one of the closest races we had the entire round. It went back and forth constantly until the last minutes, with each contestant never more than a couple votes difference apart from each other. For a while I was sure Sorkin’s Understudy had it in the bag, but eventually Henry Swanson took a strong enough lead in their reviews of Singin’ in the Rain to grab the win. With 31 total votes, there was a difference of 54% to 45%. The near-winner was none other than… Shala Thomas of Life Between Films.

Battle #15 – Spuds Mckenzie

Spuds was in-and-out for a while, and there were a number of problems, such as emails continually ending up in spam folders. But it ended up turning out he was just a little too busy for the tournament and had to drop out last minute, giving the automatic win to Falkor, despite his rather controversial review of Oldboy. Spuds turns out to be… Xavier Burgin from Que the Lights.

Battle #16 – Mean Reds

Such an intense battle between two fantastic reviews for Brazil. Kasper Gutman was in the strong lead, but then Mean Reds came in for an underdog attack on Day 2. For the last few hours it was a back-and-forth to the end, but by the time it was over, only a couple votes gave Kasper the win. It was the third-highest voting count of the round with 40, and a percentage rate of 47% to 52%. This strong contender was none other than… Jess Manzo from French Toast Sunday.


Round 1 Honorable Mention #1 – Jake Blues

Jake Blues was originally in the competition, but had to drop out due to technological problems. He was replaced by ThatGuyWithTheFunnyAccent. Jake was none other than… TheVern from Video Vangaurd.

Round 1 Honorable Mention #2 – Herb West

Herb West was also originally in the competition, but due to a multitude of reasons had to pull out. She was replaced by R.L. Logan. Herb was none other than… Lindsay Street from French Toast Sunday.

Round 1 Honorable Mention #3 – Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink was a last-minute drop due to personal family craziness. Because of this, I had to replace him with a back-up, this time with Kasper Gutman. Mr. Pink was none other than… Paul Rodgers of Fear of a Ghost Planet.


12 Responses to SYTYCR Round 1: The Fallen Identities

  1. You have to see what they try to hide. Look for the people who are a little too mundane and quiet..

  2. Squasher88 says:

    I thought you were gonna wait until the end of the entire competition to release the names. You could almost guess which bloggers are left.

    • Jason Soto says:

      Like Nick said, he asked everybody and everybody agreed it would be best to do it at the end of the round. This is only 16 people out of what over 1200. If you can guess who’s left from that, you should become Monk or Rain Man or something. 🙂

    • Nick says:

      Yeah… what Jason said. There are over 1000 members of the LAMB, and I can assure you not everyone in the competition are from the major, well-known blogs of the community. There’s no way you could figure out who was left, especially since people couldn’t even guess who THESE people were, and look at some of the names on this list. If you could correctly tell me the names of who’s left and who they are in the competition, I’ll take this post down immediately.

      Plus… I asked and almost everyone wanted it down this way.

    • Squasher88 says:

      Ok cool. I clearly didn’t read the post properly…*facepalm*.

  3. What most intrigues me is the voting disparity. If there can be vote tallies in the forties and fifties we should definitely be able to get at least in the thirties for ALL the battles. (I don’t like where some battles are only getting 21 votes, that’s not even all the participants!) Hopefully the next round sees all the battles getting higher vote numbers than that.

    I hope the non-participating LAMBS (keep?) advertising the existence of the tournament, it’s a good one, I think. Kudos again to Nick for organising it.

    • Nick says:

      You’re telling me! I noticed some of the lowest voted-for battles were on the weekends (which always boggles my mind how the blog-o-sphere always disperses a bit on the weekend). Any time there was a battle below 30 votes, it bothered me a bit, since… as you said… that’s not even the amount of people PARTICIPATING.

      But at the same time, that doesn’t shock me, either. Theoretically, even if it’s just the people who are participating that are voting, I had 5 people drop out for various reasons, and (honesty time)… I had people who were so busy it took them a month to a month and a half just to get me a review. Equal that in with daily life craziness and possible “let’s get on with this already” burnout, as previously discussed elsewhere, you would have the disparaging votes. Fortunately, though, there were only about 3 rounds in the 20s, and they were in that middle slump.

      I’m really hoping as the race gets tighter that the voting gets higher.

  4. Dylan says:

    I was kinda hoping to see this at the end of the competition, but if that’s what the people want, that’s cool, too. Can’t say it’s not cool to find out who all these peeps were, and big ups to all that participated and are still participating. This was an awesome idea and I feel confident in saying that it’s perhaps the best competition and one of the best features we’ve had on the LAMB yet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Crazy to know that I beat out Stevee, that was a tough battle, and you will have your Die Hard review from me most likely tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest. Really interesting to see who’s been knocked out so far, and I have no idea who the others are. Been great fun so far.

    -Eyes Wide Open

  6. amy says:

    It would be good to know what people didn’t like about my Batman review xD – the ones who didn’t vote for me anyway. I mean, I did include the phrase “bologna whack” that’s gotta count for something. xD

    • SJHoneywell says:

      I won’t speak for anyone else, but for me, it was a little insubstantial. I’d like more detail. You say, for instance, that some layouts and general shots are stunning, but that’s it. How about an example or two? What’s stunning about them.

      Like I said, I speak only for myself, but I want examples from the film that show you’ve got reasons for your opinions.

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