The Netflix Game #12

by Jason Soto · August 4, 2012 · The Netflix Game · 41 Comments

Whoa, it’s been two full weeks since I’ve done this. Sorry for the delay. I wish I had a good reason. I could make one up I guess. Uh….all the Playboy Playmates kidnapped me and forced me to impregnate them. There.  Anyway, here’s your updated scores:

Dan Heaton, Steve-11
Dylan, Lackey-10
Alex Jowski-8
Joel, Squasher88-5
Alan Grimm-1

And here are your answers:

1. A flight is interrupted by these pesky pets.-Snakes on a Plane
2. Two cops must prove they have what it takes to be the best undercover cops.-21 Jump Street

1. After a week, you will die.-The Ring
2. A man learns he has special abilities and learns how to use them.-Unbreakable

1. A strong guy and his friends arrive on Earth to stop a skinny baddie.-Masters of the Universe
2. Two friends must go on a journey to seek a prized possession.-Dude, Where’s My Car?

And here is this week’s challenge!

1. Can two people be friends and not have sex?!
2. He’s the only one left…or is he?!

1. Can two people be friends AND have sex?!
2. A couple isn’t very fond of their visitors.

1. These people aren’t too fond of these other people.
2. A young girl proves to everybody she can play a pretty tough sport.

Good luck!

41 Responses to The Netflix Game #12

  1. Edwin Davies says:

    E1. When Harry Met Sally

    M1. No Strings Attached
    M2. Carnage

  2. Joel Burman says:

    E1: No Strings Attached
    E2: I am Legend

  3. Squasher88 says:

    E2: I Am Legend
    M1: Friends with Benefits

  4. Shep. Burman says:

    Nick and Bubba is gonna be mad as hell…

    M2: National Lampoons X-mas Vacation

  5. Shep. Burman says:

    M2 feels so like a “Ben Stiller” film for some reason…

  6. Dan Heaton says:

    Wow. When did this start?

    M2 – Funny Games
    H1 – Romeo and Juliet

  7. Bubbawheat says:

    M2: Funny Games? Panic Room? Them? The Strangers?

  8. SJHoneywell says:

    M2 is Beetlejuice.

  9. Lackey says:

    H1: Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

  10. Dusty says:

    H1 – Twilight?

  11. Dan says:

    Gettysburg? Braveheart? The Warriors?

  12. Nick says:

    H1: Inglorious Basterds?

  13. Jason Soto says:

    Nope on all guesses! Wow, this really is a stumper, huh?!

  14. Dusty says:

    H1 The outsiders

  15. Nick says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Bubbawheat says:

    Underworld? Or one of the sequels?

  17. Joel Burman says:

    H1: Gangs of New York

  18. Dusty says:

    Gangs of New York? Shotgun Stories? Hotel Rwanda? The Expendables? Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties? The Immortals?

  19. Dan Heaton says:

    Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” Video?

    Just kidding. This one is tough! I’m going to make two guesses this time:

    Gnomeo and Juliet
    West Side Story

  20. Jason Soto says:

    Wrong on all guesses. Ok, hint time!
    2011 film based on a book.

  21. Bubbawheat says:

    I am number 4? Red Riding Hood? Thor? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2? The Help?

    I know these are supposed to be vague, but this one takes vagueness to a whole new level.

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