Trailer Trash Tuesday: 08/14/2012

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Well it looks like the bat has finally met his match. Coming at number three this week, he is beaten out by “The Campaign” at number two,  and “The Bourne Legacy” at number one.  Following behind “The Dark Knight Rises” is “Hope Springs” at number four and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days” at number five.

This weekend we get Sly and the family of past action heroes for “Expendables 2“.  Whitney Houston’s last role in “Sparkle“. A Kid who can talk to ghosts and fight zombies in “Paranorman“.  Also in limted run we get Robert Patterson just trying to get a haircut in David Cronenberg’sCosmopolis

Red Dawn. 2012

Well I’m glad to see that the fear of other countries and races is still going strong in America.  The original version had as fearing Russia while this one has us fearing North Korea.  This looks like one of those movies that features way too much patriotism for me.  It’s great that we love our country and all. But this movie’s main goal seems to be that war is awesome and shooting at people is really cool.   Especially when you have a kick ass rock song playing as you shoot people.  Don’t worry, it’s not going to be extremely violent., it’s a PG-13 flick.

Zero Dark Thirty

Now here is a patriotic movie that I am looking forward to.  This is the story about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden by the Navy Seals.  This looks like a really suspenseful and gripping story of one of the most grueling man hunts in U.S. history. What I liked best about this trailer is that it has you caring about America, but not having you fear a whole other country entirely. Just one person  Academy Award Winners Katherine Bigalow and Mark Boal(The Hurt Locker)are helming this project and if it’s anything like their last efforts.  I will be down for seeing this.

3,2,1,..Frankie Go Boom.

A man videotapes his brother having sex,then feels guilty and tries to get it back.  This is basically the indie version of “Road Trip” because in that one, a guy goes on a quest to stop his girlfriend from seeing an affair he had on tape.  Apparently the tape in this movie is very popular, and everyone wants to see it. I’m glad I’m not like everyone else.

The Big Wedding

A divorced couple has to pretend that they are married in order to make their future son in law’s mother happy for the wedding.  Call me out if I am wrong,but isn’t the father of the bride the one pays for the wedding.  Why should he care if the mother in law has religious issues about his divorce.  The cast features a lot of famous faces, including Robert DeNiro, Susan Sarandon, and Robin Williams but the story line is way to predictable for me to care.  I’ll tell you right now how this will end.  Both sides end up getting along and the wedding happens.  There I just saved you eight bucks.

Paranormal Activity 4.

Last week I posted a fake trailer, that did a great job at poking fun at this franchise.  This week I give you the actual trailer, and this one still made me laugh.  These movies are becoming ridiculous,predictable, and  worst of all profitable.  They will continued to get made because they are extremely cheap to make and they make back their budget and then some.  Just because there are  random scares in a movie should not give it the right to call itself a horror movie.

Trailer Hitch Red Dawn  1984

Since the remake is coming out soon I thought it was appropriate to focus on the original trailer.  In the early 80’s there was a cold war going on between Russia and America and at that time, it seemed plausible that we could be in all out battle with them.  The idea of kids suddenly being good with guns does take some suspension of disbelief, but I could believe this story a little bit more than the remake.  On a side note “Red Dawn” was the first film to be rated PG-13.

Have a great rest of the week.  I will see you cats next time.

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