LAMBScores: Geriatric Action Heroes and Zombies Forever

by Nick Powell · September 7, 2012 · LAMBscores · No Comments

Here’s another packed to the brim edition of the LAMBScores. This week, the focus is on ParaNorman, The Expendables 2, and Celeste and Jesse Forever. Switching it up a little, there’s a quick mini-score rundown for The Odd Life of Timothy Green as well as Sparkle. What’s even more exciting is that one of these films broke the top 10 for 2012, shaking up the list one more time before the end of the year “Oscar Baits” storm into the theaters. As always, feel free to post your own scores in the LAMBScores Forum, but please, read the rules beforehand.

Rotten Tomatoes: 4.30 (86%)
IMDB: 3.80 (7.6/10)
LAMB: 4.03 (19)
Average: 4.04

LAMB Bites:
Cinema Won: “Completely and utterly fantastic. One of the year’s best films.”
The Movie Review Warehouse: “Great visual creativity and wholesome message slightly undercut by overstated character designs”
3 Guys 1 Movie: “The film hits the ground running, away from zombies, but trips and falls before the finish line”
Rotten Tomatoes: 3.25 (65%)
IMDB: 3.80 (7.6/10)
LAMB: 3.24 (23)
Average: 3.43
LAMB Bites:
Bananas About Movies: “Better than the first, thanks mostly to Van Damme, but still something of a disappointment.”
Film Phage: “Pure fan service, and an 80’s action movie nerd’s wet dream”
Tips from Chip: “Not as good an overall movie as the first film, with scenes that were more fun than anything we saw in the original.”
Midnight Review: “The film doesn’t pretend to be more than it actually is- a self-indulging testosterone feast…and it tastes goooood.”
The Movie Review Warehouse “Great for nostalgia but don’t look much past the surface”

Rotten Tomatoes: 3.45 (69%)
IMDB: 3.35 (6.7/10)
LAMB: 3.95 (11)
Average: 3.58
LAMB Bites:
Two Tickets For… “One of the most frighteningly realistic takes on a relationship, yet chock full of legit humor. One of the year’s best.”
Reel Talk: “Surprisingly refreshing take on the rom-com”
The Rest of the Flock:
The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Rotten Tomatoes: 2.00 (40%)
IMDB: 3.25 (6.5/10)
LAMB: 3.43 (7)
Average: 2.89

Rotten Tomatoes: 2.75 (55%)
IMDB: 2.80 (5.6/10)
LAMB: 3.14 (7)
Average: 2.90

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