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by Shep. Burman · September 9, 2012 · New Poll · No Comments

To be honest this last poll was a train wreck not only did I forget to set the right time for it (14 days) but I also used IMDB as reference for the movies released so far and obviously missed at least one very popular film.

Well here’s the top 5 result for best film of 2012 (so far)!
1. Avengers 29%
Totally with you on this one I loved the last hour of the film and it certainly will make my top of 2012 list just because that hour. 
2. Moonrise Kingdom 20%
If I weren’t such a rigid Wes Anderson hater I’d actually be a little hyped to see this one but I’m fairly sure its more or less his usual overdose of quirkyness, over produced set-designs and sterile acting performances so I’ll stay clear. 
3. Other 20%
I assume many of these votes were for Cabin in the Woods. If your vote was intended for another film please let us know in the comments which one. 
4. Dark Knight Rises 15%
5. Prometheus 4%
Total amount of votes: 93

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