Trailer Trash Tuesday: 10/23/2012

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Hello Lammies.

How are you doing?  You look great.  No,no, I mean it. You really do.   Oh and you smell good too, is that a new fragrance your wearing.  Well it smells great…. What?…..No I really mean  it…….What?……I am not just kissing up because I am late with this post…… Ummm….The trailers?  They’re around here somewhere…No wait… Don’t leave.  I’m sure they are stashed somewhere.  You know how trailers are?  They tend to show up in the most unlikeliest of places.   I think..Yes…Yes I do.  I see some fun trailers just past your sofa there.  No really I see them they are just behind your sofa with the bag of Fritos.   Come on I’ll show you.

Iron Man 3.       05/03/2013

The first one was a hit, the second one was a miss.  Technically you could call “The Avengers” the third in the series because it that number of times Iron Man appeared on the big screen.  Shane Black(“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang“)  both co writes and directs this one and I am extremely happy about that.  This could be the start to the whole new Avengers sequel we were promised, and the geek inside me couldn’t be any happier.


Nicholas Winding Refn’s(“Drive“)  Danish thriller about a bad week in the  life of drug dealer gets remade in English by Spanish director Luis Prieto.   He is also making his first movie in a language other than his own, and it is being executive produced by Winding himself.   Some of the original cast members like Zlatko Buric  are playing the same roles they did in the original.   I won’t lie that it does have my interest, but I’ll more likely see the original before I see this.

A Haunted House.   01/11/2013

I’m so very sorry to have you watch this trailer.  I swear I’ll find something better,I promise.   Yes, It’s another one of those “Scary,Epic,Date,Super” movies that always gets released when a certain genre does well in pop culture.  This time they are spoofing the found footage horror film.  This would have been a good idea after “Paranormal Activity 2“, or even after all the other found footage horror films but not now.  It would be like hearing a joke about Sarah Palin being the Vice President.    It’s been done already.  Let it go.

A Liar’s Autobiography: The Life and Death of Graham Chapman.

If you are a fan of Monty Python, this is a must see documentary.  Instead of just showing you boring interviews with cast members and old clips of their famous sketches.  Animators have decided to give this one a fresh new look, and WOW, does it work because  this looks really damn funny.   I love Python, and if you are a fan of comedy you have to give them their respect, because everything you like about comedy now was started by this troupe.

Sexy Baby.   11/06/2012

The Internet and mainstream TV has sex everywhere, and it’s content are affecting young women.  I admire the filmmakers for bringing to light this subject about how some women can easily be  exploited in this day and age.  I just hope they have some concrete solutions to back up some of their ideas.

Ghosts with Shit Jobs.

I am going to say this right now.  This is going to be the next big independent science fiction film since “Primer“.  This brilliant Mockumentary is set in 2047 and Chronicles the lives of people doing shit jobs in the digital age because all the good ones got outsourced to Asia.  One guy cleans up data that was lost in the cloud, and a couple makes and repairs robotic babies.  I would not be surprised if this is where we are a few years from now.

Trailer Hitch: Pusher Trilogy     08/30/1996

I’m posting the original trailer so that you can compare this next to the remake.  I can see very little difference between the two, but in my opinion. This one  just looks a little grittier.

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