Lamb Chop-Ups #2 – 4

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Welcome back to Lamb Chop-Ups brought to you by Bubbawheat. It appears that I’m sticking with every other Monday for these games for the time being, sorry it didn’t go up earlier, it missed its schedule and I’ve been sick all day yesterday and today and forgot to check on it. If this is your first time playing, I have a word spelled out from cut up movie posters. Your job is to guess which movie each letter came from. There’s also a bonus movie that is not pictured, but is hinted at by the word itself and/or the other movies used, and there’s also some kind of theme that connects all the movies to help you figure out the less obvious ones. I occasionally throw in some tricks to make things difficult, like rotating some pieces, so keep your eye out. Check out this week’s puzzle and leave your guesses in the comments.

Some notes: While I try to use official movie posters, I sometimes have to base it on the popularity of a Google Image search for “(movie title) poster”. Either the first person to get all the answers right, or whoever gets the most right gets 10 points on the leaderboard, the first person to get the bonus movie correct will get 5 points, and the first correct guess for each movie gets 1 point – excluding the winner, so it pays to toss out your guesses even if you don’t know them all right away.

The Previous Puzzle:

Previous Puzzle’s Answers:

O – Almost Famous – Jay
U – The Rutles
R – The Five Heartbeats
S – School of Rock – Jay

G – Dreamgirls – Jay
O – The Bodyguard – Jessica

T – A Mighty Wind – Shane
O – That Thing You Do – Shane

1 – CB4
1 – Airheads – Jay

And the bonus movie is obviously Spinal Tap, whose speaker go to 11, and Jay gets the bonus points for that, and Dusty wins this round, getting the most right.


Jessica – 11 points
Dusty – 10 points
Jay – 9 points
Shane – 9 points
Forgotten Films – 2 points
Kevyn Knox – 1 point

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