Shepherd’s Pie November

by Shep. Burman · November 3, 2012 · Shepherds Pie · 13 Comments

Hey fellow LAMBs its with great pleasure I’m writing the first Shepherd’s pie on this brand new and glossy platform of ours. I’m hugely thankful for the good praise we have gotten on the site so far even though its not nearly finished.

I’m still working on a couple of the FAQ’s to be updated and Bonjour is tweaking and oiling the site on a daily basis for it to run smoothly. Enough of the chit chat as Pierce Brosnan would have phrased it. This months pie was inspired by a e-mail that was sent to me. Check it after the jump… 

When recording Ep. 139 of the LAMBcast we discussed how many of the old flock of LAMBs that still remained with us, Dylan threw out that #2  Movie Reviews (Such as They Are) wasn’t probably active and I chimed in saying that we were about to put it to sleep (remove it from LAMB table) in a week or two.

I know that when I took over from Rachel I checked a bunch of the older members sites and was devastated to see how many weren’t posting. When doing that I remember that Movie Reviews (Such as They Are) were on a long-going post hiatus which broke my heart. Mainly because in some sense you could call it the first (joining) member of the LAMB and to me there is a nostalgic emotion to still have the first joining member being alive and kicking. At least thats how I feel after seeing so many of the early ones missing from the LAMB table.

After the recording I went to find out what had happened to Movie Reviews (Such as They Are) and was emotionally prepared to deactivate it from the LAMB table. To my surprise I found a review of Where the Truth Lives by Atom Egoyan (I haven’t seen it even though I enjoy Egoyan’s films) posted the 24th of september. After scrolling through the site finding more new stuff I threw away a e-mail that looked like this:

Hey DTW, 
Hope everything is well. I’m getting in touch with you because the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) is celebrating its 5th birthday the 31th of october. 
As of now you are our oldest active member on board. 
I was thinking that it would be cool to hear from you about how you came about to join the LAMB in the first place and how it was structured originally etc. 
If you are interested I’d love let you do a guestpost on it on the LAMB site. I’ll of course linkback to your site as a thank you. 
Best regards, 
The following day I got this response:
Hey, Joel. 
Good to hear from you.
Five years, huh…? Well, happy birthday!
Yeah, I remember I joined the LAMB pretty early, and then the past couple of years my reviewing has fallen off drastically, despite my attempts to get back on track. Work just gets right in the way of fun, y’know?!
And for that reason (work), I apologize that I wasn’t able to create a blog post for you about the old days and all that.
Nevertheless, I will continue to keep track as best I can via FB, Twitter, and all that jazz. And hopefully one day I’ll be fully back in the meadow with all the other LAMB folk.
All best,
I don’t know about you but I choked up a little when reading David’s response, I actually preferred it over an editorial piece about the first trembling steps of the LAMB. If you were around and want to share that experience with the rest of us please let me know, there is a place for that too.
What really hit home for me was the fact that David manages to sum up what every film blogger have felt at some point in a mere couple of sentences. But he also ends with a high note stating the obvious, why would we ever give up whats fun?!
Hearing a voice from the past (if I may be a little dramatical) spelling out the hard facts of life and still managing to be so positive made my day. What I take with me from this chain of thoughts is how important it is to keep the LAMB an active and welcoming place for our fine members, old as new. I don’t know David personally but I’m very glad and thankful that he took the time to send me such an honest response to remind me of this.
I often talk about LAMB community participation but I’m the first one to understand that life not always allow for people to be as active as they would like to be. Hell look at my own mistreated blog and you know I’ll always respect people who don’t feel that they have the time or stamina to chime in as much as they would like to.
With that said, you were never out of the meadow David. You might have re-located under some nice shady oak a little farther from the flock for a while thats all. 🙂
With that said what is inspiring you this weekend?

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13 Responses to Shepherd’s Pie November

  1. welcome to the new site!

  2. Mettel Ray mettelray says:

    This weekend I’m inspired by the special Monday post I have planned because it’s going to be a special day for my blog – kind of. Yet, I couldn’t imagine just stopping to write my blog.. even now, I have so many things to do and so many obligations on my hand, I still find the time to write… Though yes, I’m not working but man, being a full-time student is very time consuming as well!

  3. Dylan Dylan says:

    Excellent and surprisingly touching piece of pie, Joel. Nice to hear from David as well.

    • Shep. Burman says:

      Hahaha thanks. I’m glad I can still surprise you. Maybe one day we’ll even agree on a new release but then I wouldn’t be surprised to see flying pigs or sheep for that matter. 🙂

  4. Nostra says:

    Great piece. As for something inspiring me, not really anything, just enjoying a weekend where I haven’t made any plans which is nice. Worked on some new banners for some posts, but besides that not doing anything blog related (well, except for watching movie of course).

    I do have a question though, and it might be good to do something like this for regular features, to have a short summary what it is about. If I read Shepherd pie (have to admit have not been active on here, but will after the redesign) I have no idea what it is about, also have that with the names of some other features. Just an idea of something which might make the LAMB even more amazing 😉

    • Shep. Burman says:

      Those can be some of the best weekends without a doubt!

      I was thinking I’d be adding feature descriptions on the FAQ page but you are right I might have to come up with a catchy log line for this one I can have in the intro.
      Shepherd’s Pie is mainly my own LAMB navel gazing editorial piece on here. I do try to keep it LAMB related. Check the related posts above for other piece of pies.

  5. I am inspired by the wonderful November schedule Turner Classic Movies has layed out for us this month. Will definitely be writing about classic film adaptation of novels, as well as about TCM’s star of the month, Constance Bennett!

  6. Ryan says:

    Always inspired by what each new day has in store and the conversation I’ll get to have with all the other wonderful bloggers!

  7. Pat McD says:

    It’s odd what can inspire you. Yesterday, my son and I went camping and had to cut it short because he was sick. On the way home we stopped at Redbox and he got Battleship. His reaction to it is basically the reason I’m writing my next column. Lemons and lemonade I guess.

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