PLUG: Making a Case at Cinematic Paradox

by Joel · December 11, 2012 · Blogathons, Plugs · 1 Comment

With awards season in full swing, there’s always a whole lot of movies that we want to get recognised with accolades but it never happens, for whatever reason. I’m hosting a blogathon where you can ‘Make your Case’ for a movie/performance/other category that you would love to see get nominated for an Oscar, even though the odds are almost certainly against it. I’m not taking about making a case for Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor or for Les Miserables for Best Picture. Maybe you would love to see The Dark Knight Rises or Skyfall get some Best Picture love. Or maybe there’s a festival favourite like Holy Motors or The Perks of Being a Wallflower that need some love. You could single out a performance, or maybe you want to single out a score or the cinematography from a film. It is up to you. I’ll be posting the entries the day before the Golden Globes nominations (the 12th, for most of you), so get your entries into my email at filmjunkie25(@) For any more information, go here:

Be creative and I look forward to seeing these cases!

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