The 6th Annual LIONs for LAMBs

by Shane Slater · January 21, 2013 · Featured, LIONs for LAMB · 10 Comments


It’s that time again…the 6th Annual LIONs for LAMBs Awards! These are our version of the Academy Awards where LAMB members give their say on the best and worst films of 2012, including all the extras like actor, actress, director among others. As was the case last year, we have 10 categories for you to vote on.

Please rank your lists 1 to 10 for Best Films and 1 to 5 for everything else, as the winners will be based on a point system (1=10 points, 2=9 points, etc.) and when listing your choices for the four acting categories, please specify the film also.

The poll is now up and all LAMBs will be able to vote through February 9th. The results will begin on February 15th, with one category posted every day, and end with the Top 10 Films on February 24th(the day of the Academy Awards.

Go vote! (Mister Poll has a new feature for a “Safe Mode.” If the poll is not approved for all to see, meaning children too, then you have to view it with the safe mode off. Trust me, there is no adult or objectionable content in the poll, but I can’t find how to get it approved for “Safe Mode” so just click “Off” to vote in the poll.)

10 Responses to The 6th Annual LIONs for LAMBs

  1. Jessica says:

    What is the definition of a 2012 movie? Is it the release date in the country it was made, the release date in US or the release date i the country where you live?

    • Shane Slater says:

      Tricky question. For American releases I would definitely go with the US release dates(double-check with IMDb).
      For other films, I think it’s up to you. There are some great films that come out of film festivals that either don’t get an American release, or they get released years later.

  2. I’ll be voting for sure, but have to use these last three weeks to catch a few more films in theaters. Unless, of course, any of the studios want to send me some screeners!

  3. Ben H says:

    Submitted mine too.

    I found it awfully hard picking best female and best supporting female as I haven’t seen Les Mis or Lincoln. I struggled to think up impressive actresses of 2012 other than Jennifer Lawrence :/

  4. Nostra says:

    Have cast my votes!

  5. Ben H says:

    I think I’ve made a giant, rather embarrassing, error. I may have put Denzel Washington as one of my best actor picks when I meant Jamie Foxx for Django Unchained. My only excuse is that it was 12am when I wrote it!

  6. Filled in what I can, although there are glaring gaps in there because I simply haven’t seen enough of a certain types of films, documentaries being a prime example.

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