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pastureWe all have milestones we achieve with our blogs.  It may be getting our 100th follower or our first comment.  It may be finishing a project or a site redesign.  Sometimes, it’s even writing that first post ever, or saying goodbye to the site we’ve built over the years.

On today’s episode of The Film Pasture, we talk to a couple of bloggers about milestones they’ve recently hit.  First, we’ll talk with Nick of the Cinematic Katzenjammer about his experiences watching and reviewing one film every day for an entire year.  Then, we’ll talk with Jason Soto who recently shuttered his popular Invasion of the B-Movies blog to launch a new venture.

Please also note that this is actually the pilot episode of The Film Pasture that I recorded to demonstrate what I had in mind to the folks at the LAMB.  So even though it’s technically episode three, at the time we recorded it I thought this would be the first episode.  So don’t be shocked if you hear me referring to it as the first ep; I am not going crazy.

If you have a topic you’d like to see us cover, would like to come on the show or have some feedback to provide, you can reach me at or on Twitter at filmpasture

There will only be a couple of episodes left that we include in the LAMBcast podcast feed, so if you are listening to these through there, please be sure to subscribe in iTunes or Podomatic.  And, if you like what you are hearing, please give us a positive review in iTunes.  That will really help get both the show and the LAMB’s blogging network recognized.

We will be back in a couple of weeks with an in depth look at the Oscars.

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