LAMBScores: Jason Statham and Jeremy Renner and Everyone We Know

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This week’s edition of the LAMBScores features 3 films – Movie 43, Parker and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Movie 43 involves a series of short films with a star-studded cast, while Parker is yet another Jason Statham action movie. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters seemed to get the most attention, but was it worth the ticket price? Find out below and remember to head to the forums if you’d like to be featured in the next LAMBScores.



Rotten Tomatoes: 0.75 (15%)

IMDb: 3.20 (6.4/10)

LAMB: 2.60 (15)

Average: 2.18



Sean Kelly On Movies


Rorschach Reviews

Flights, Tights, & Movie Nights


Fogs’ Movie Reviews

Two Oh Six

Two Tickets For…

Me On The Movie



AngryVader’s Movie Blah…

Sobriety Test Movie Reviews

Movies Hate You Too

Kirkham A Movie A Day

Citizen Charlie


Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

Fr. Dennis at the Movies



Rotten Tomatoes: 1.90 (38%)

IMDb: 3.10 (6.2/10)

LAMB: 2.05 (10)

Average: 2.35


French Toast Sunday (3)

Movies Hate You Too (3)

Temple of Reviews (3)

Rorschach Reviews (2.5)

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (2)

Two Oh Six (2)

AngryVader’s Movie Blah… (1.5)

Citizen Charlie (1.5)

Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (1)

Fr. Dennis at the Movies (1)





Rotten Tomatoes: 0.03 (5%)

IMDb: 2.35 (4.7/10)

LAMB: 1.04 (13)

Average: 1.14


The Film Discussion (2.5)

Time for a film (2.5)

Fr. Dennis at the Movies (2)

Benend’s Basement (1.5)

Rorschach Reviews (1.5)

Nathan Zoebl Blog (1.5)

Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (1)

Two Tickets For… (1)

Sketchy Details (0.5)

The Movie Waffler (0)

Fear of a Ghost Planet (0)

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (0)

Cool Movie Guy (0)

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