THE 6TH ANNUAL LION AWARDS: Best Supporting Actor

by Shane Slater · February 17, 2013 · Featured, LIONs for LAMB · 9 Comments

Today’s award is for Best Supporting Actor! Here are your Top 5:


One of my favourite traditions about televised awards shows are the “Oscar clips” that they play for the acting nominees. So I decided to copy that and add some brief clips of the performances to remind us of their stellar work.



5. Robert De Niro (Silver Linings Playbook) – 97 points



bond bardem

4. Javier Bardem (Skyfall) – 102 points




3. Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Master) – 146 points




2. Leonardo DiCaprio (Django Unchained) – 155 points




1. Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained) – 175 points


And the winner is Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained! This is his 2nd Lion Award after winning in 2009 for another Tarantino film. They seem like a perfect partnership! If you look at the previous winners, you’ll notice that our winner always goes on to take the Oscar. Perhaps this is a good sign for Christoph Waltz fans? We’ll soon find out.

This lineup contains three of the Oscar nominees, with Tommy Lee Jones (6th place) missing out with 85 points and Alan Arkin way behind on 23 points. Matthew McConaughey (Magic Mike) also looked like he could have posed a challenge, but his 43 points were only good for 8th place.


Previous Winners


2008: Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)


2009: Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds)


2010: Christian Bale (The Fighter)


2011: Christopher Plummer (Beginners)

9 Responses to THE 6TH ANNUAL LION AWARDS: Best Supporting Actor

  1. mettemk says:

    Yippie for Waltz!

  2. Very good choices. So far my first and second place votes have all shown up somewhere on all three lists. That’s likely to change tomorrow though, since my second place vote for supporting actress is in a film that almost nobody else saw. But at least I get one more day to pretend I’m a taste maker. Haha!

  3. Amy says:

    I can live with this….

  4. I thought that Hoffman would probably win this but I’m glad it went to Waltz. I’d have put Arkin on the list but I can’t really argue with that top 5.

  5. Will says:

    It’s so fun to see what the Lamb collective has voted the best of the year. I honestly care more about these results than the real awards!

  6. Film Intel says:

    Suspect this means Django has done quite well elsewhere – outside bet for best film?
    I had Waltz, Bardem and McConaughey in my 5, sorry to see the latter didn’t place higher.

  7. Kevyn Knox says:

    You said this line-up consists of four of the five nominees, leaving only Tommy-Lee out, but where is Alan Arkin?

  8. Squasher88 says:

    Ooops, I meant to say three. Arkin had 23 points.

  9. Colin Biggs says:

    Pundits have Jones and DeNiro splitting the vote, so maybe the LAMB has predicted this year’s winner again.

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