Trailer Trashing with The Vern: 02/28/2013.

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Yes folks. It has been a while, but I am back again with another section of Trailer Trashing With The Vern. Now that the award season is over. We can get back on track and highlight some new movies that may be the toast of next year’s Academy awards or the roast at the Razzies.  Are you ready to get chowing on some tasty trailer tidbits. Then let’s dig in

Family Weekend. 02/29/2013

A girl decides to hold her parents hostage for not attending her jump rope competition. The trailer strangely looks like “Hard Candy” if it was done by ABC Family. I’m pretty sure the narrator is the same person who does all their TV spots. It’s something I would watch if it happen to be on TV, but nothing I would pay money for

K-11. 03/15/2013

A man accused of a crime is forced to live in a cell inhabited by gay and transgender people. While inside he uncovers corruption by one of the cellmates and the police. I’m just guessing because this trailer is mainly designed to make you fear this sort of lifestyle and nothing more.

The Girl. 03/08/2013

Abbie Cornish stars as a single mother who can’t get her life in order. She takes a job from her father moving immigrants from Mexico into America. when a little girl is abandoned, she decides to take responsibility for her.  This actually looks kinda good, and I’m really impressed with Miss Cornish in the little I see here.

A Place at the Table. 03/01/2013

Our food shortages and poverty is put into the spotlight in this new documentary from the producers of “Food Inc“. It’s not that we don’t have food, it’s just the stuff that is good for us cost the most, and so low-income families have to rely on all the processed crap.  I am guilty of this as well and have spent more money on hot pockets and Ramen noodles, then actually good meals because of the price.

Kiss of the Dammned. 05/05/2013

Now this is how a vampire romance story should look like. Wow!!

Peeples. 05/10/2013

Craig Robbinson plays a man who decides to crash his girlfriend’s(Kerry Washington) family reunion in order to propose to her in this very clichéd one note comedy. I’m not saying that it’s a bad movie, it just looks like one that is too predictable for me to enjoy.

6 souls. 04/05/2013

A psychiatrist(Julliane Moore) tries to cure a patient(Jonathan Rhys Myers) of multiple personality disorder and finds out that he may actually be the new host for the  devil. This had a lot of promise at first, but has since become another tale of evil invading someone’s body. I will give this one some credit for having it be an older man who is possessed instead of a little girl, but it holds no real interest for me except the cast.



That is it for now.  I will be back next week with more delicious movie grub for you to chow down on. Have a great weekend everybody.



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