LAMBScores: Identity Crisis

by Shane Slater · March 2, 2013 · Featured, LAMBscores · No Comments


This is very special edition of the LAMBScores, as we feature Soderbergh’s self-proclaimed final theatrical film Side Effects. Find out below if the acclaimed director went out on a high note. We also have reviews for Identity Thief, starring Melissa McCarthy. Remember to head over to the forums to get your reviews featured in the next edition of the LAMBScores.



Rotten Tomatoes: 4.15 (83%)

IMDb: 3.75 (7.5/10)

LAMB: 3.62 (26)

Average: 3.74



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Rotten Tomatoes: 1.20 (24%)

IMDb: 2.90 (5.8/10)

LAMB: 2.25 (8)

Average: 2.12


Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (3.5)

Fr. Dennis at the Movies (3.5)

Go, See, Talk! (2.5)

Movies Hate You Too (2)

Rorschach Reviews (2)

The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World (2)

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (1.5)

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