Trailer Trashing with The Vern: 03/08/2013.

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Hello Lammies.


Yes its another week of great new movie trailers, and even though you may have seen most of these ones already(come on it’s the internet,and The Lamb doesn’t pay me much to get these posts up on time).  I’m still posting them on here because there may have been ones you  missed.  Also those other big sites like Yahoo or  Moviefone don’t really love you like I do.  Oh sure they have a lot of game and can offer you great search capabilities and great visuals.  But can they really truly understand and know you the way I can.  Plus I heard they are sleeping around with everyone else while your with them.   We can talk about you and me later, but right now let’s go look at some trailers.

The Hangover Part III.  05/24/2013

We all saw this coming so don’t try telling me you didn’t know because you did. I’m willing to bet that despite the second one doing badly at the box office. Many of you will still go and seek this one out for reasons I’m not too sure of. The trailer says that this is the end of the trilogy, and to that I say bullshit. If this does even half the budget of part 2 they will make a part 4 and have it be a prequel. 


Much Ado About Nothing . 06/21/2013

After watching this trailer,I think Joss Whedon should adapt the works of other great writers. Just think of how cool Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” or Judy Blume’s “Are you there God? It’s me Margret” would be with Whedon’s interpretation. I have only see the version directed by the man who did “Thor“(Kenneth Branagh). But I would be interested in watching this version from the guy who directed “The Avengers” wouldn’t you.


Iron Man 3.  05/03/2013

I never fully hated the second Iron Man features as many others have. Oh sure it had some flaws but it was still an enjoyable feature. With that said the newest trailer for next summer’s blockbuster looks very good. I love that it’s going for more of a darker tone then before, but with director Shane Black behind the wheel. It will have it’s share of darkly comic elements as well.


The Look of Love.   04/26/2013

Steve Coogan plays the role of Paul Raymond who according to IMDB became one of  Britain’s richest men. How he got rich I’m sure has something to do with him taking erotic pictures of woman. Yes he almost seems like the UK’s version to Hugh Hefner. However,I have never heard of this man before and don’t really care about his life story either. This is helmed by Michael Winterbottom who also directed Coogan in another sort of biopic drama “24 Hour Party People“. That alone makes me curious to see it, but not in theatres.


What Maisie Knew.  09/05/2013

Maisie(Onata Aprile) is a young girl whose parents(Steve Coogan and Julliane Moore) are going through a rough divorce. The whole movie seems to be about her going through this ordeal with both of them and her new step parents (Alexander Skarsgard, Joanna Vanderham). The moral of the movie seems to be that even when parents break up. Families never do.  Children in dramatic features can either be a failure or a success.  The young actress who plays Maisie has a promisng career ahead of her.


I will be back in two weeks with another Trailer Trashing post.  Have a good weekend everybody.

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