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by Joel · April 7, 2013 · 2013 LAMMYs, Featured, The LAMMYs · 1 Comment

As the LAMMYs final stage is creeping upon us its time to rally up our video presenters for each category. See below for info about the presenting videos and how you can submit to be a presenter.

  • The LAMMY’s are the highest distinction that we give out. They involve a substantial amount of work each year, and draw the most traffic to the site. We ask that ewe not do anything that would jeopardize the honor of the nominees and winners or the time and effort of the voters and moderators.
  • While the challenge for the Oscars is that they are seen as too old and stuffy and need to fight for a younger audience, the LAMB faces a different challenge. As a collection of (largely amateur) bloggers, our incredible talents and expertise are too often underestimated. This is our chance to elevate our peers, not stoop for ratings. Even if ewe’ve seen Seth MacFarlane do something much worse, we ask that ewe allow decorum to reign in your presentations.
  • We will send ewe links and info about the nominated blogs in the category that ewe are presenting. We ask that ewe spend some time familiarizing yourself with the content and tone of these sites as ewe begin planning your presentation.
  • After introducing yourself and saying which blog ewe represent, we ask that the rest of your presentation be about honoring the nominees and winners, not a plug for your own work. (Your research in step 3 should help ewe with this).
  • We ask that all Lammy presentations be rated G or PG, and Suitable For Viewing in a Work or School environment.
  • When referring to the titles of categories, the names of nominated blogs or the names of individuals, please be respectful and use the full name.
  • A Suggested time limit for video presentations is 3 minutes. If ewe would like extra time in order to speak more extensively about the nominees or the category, please ask.

If ewe are interested in participating as a LAMMY presenter and weren’t a presenter last year I need ewe to record a testvideo where ewe introduce yourself and talk briefly about which category and why ewe would like to present it? Keep it brief (30-60 seconds). Its not really an audition tape I just need to know that ewe are familiar with video recording and how to transfer video files. The test videos won’t be broadcast publicly.

If ewe were a presenter last year and want to get back onboard just send me an e-mail (largeassmovieblogs(at) and tell me ewe are interested again.

For the final presentation videos I’ll be requesting that ewe send me the video as a digital file through a file service of your own choice (I’ll list some options on here later) but in the testvideo stage its fine if ewe send me video links to your videos. 

Depending on the outcome of entries we are limiting the multiple contributor sites to one entry per site. We may open it up if we have too few entries overall. Multi contributor sites may also choose to present their award with several contributors/owners in one video (be creative).

The final presentation Videos will be broadcast through the LAMBs YouTube channel and will also be embedded on the LAMB site. 
All copyright ownership stays with the LAMB but we will be linking back to your site/video channel/podcast feed through embedded clip links and linking in the info section of the clip. ewe may also embed your own and/or others presentation videos on your own site.

As for the final choosing of presentations we don’t allow anyone to present an award they are nominated in themselves and I can’t guarantee that ewe get the choice/choices ewe pitch in your test videos. All active LAMBs (site active on the LAMBtable) are eligible for the award presentations.

It goes without saying but if ewe are chosen to present a LAMMY ewe are bound to keep that information to yourselves until the video has premiered on the LAMB site.

I won’t be hammering down any deadlines just yet (I’ll update the post on wednesday with that info) but I wouldn’t be slacking to much because there have been a lot of interest from members to be on the presentation panel. 

If ewe have any questions at all, please ask. Below I have embedded a couple of videos from last year if ewe weren’t around to see them.

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