MOTM/LAMBcast #161: The Princess Bride

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Westley1It was a battle for the ages, and it led to a film containing a fair few battles eing the winner.  Yes, The Princess Bride took down Primer, this renewing the debate over what should and shouldn’t be a Movie of the Month yet again.  Should it shine a light on lesser-known/lesser-seen gems that slipped through the cracks or should it feature timeless classics?  If you ask me, the answer leans towards the former but doesn’t have to exclude the latter, especially when the winning Champion is so passionate about their choice.  Such is the case this time around, as Nick of The Cinematic Katzenjammer cites the 1987 fantasy-comedy as his favorite film of all time.  As such, he was well-prepared to praise the film (and defend it when necessary), proving that even a film as beloved as this one could produce an interesting (and low on fawning) discussion.

Before we get to the links, here’s the IMDb summary for the film, for those that aren’t familiar with it:

“A classic fairy tale, with swordplay, giants, an evil prince, a beautiful princess, and yes, some kissing (as read by a kindly grandfather).”

Now, let’s see what your fellow LAMBs had to say about it. Thanks to the LAMBs that sent in their posts for this edition of the MOTM.

* Blueprint: Review

* Is It Better Than Avatar?

* Just Chick Flicks

It’s also time to vote on next month’s movie. Once again, I put out the call for MOTM Champions.  The gist is this: I ask for volunteers – people to select a film to be placed on the poll (up to 5 per month, as usual), then promote it on their site, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Should their film win, they are guaranteed a spot on the LAMBcast episode where we will discuss said film. As a bonus (?), they will also get to host that segment of the show. This month, we have five potential Champions – the sites are listed along with the films in the poll below (and in the sidebar). You have one week to vote (and promote your movies!). I’ll be putting out the call for the next MOTM in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

As we do every month, the LAMBcast is tied in with the MOTM. This time around, as mentioned, Nick hosted the discussion on the MOTM, and was joined by Jay, Joel, Justin and Dylan.

Also on tap:

* Rants and Raves of the Week
* Last LAMB Standing

A couple notes:

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7 Responses to MOTM/LAMBcast #161: The Princess Bride

  1. Joel says:

    I think the Princess Bride discussion turned out pretty well. However this might be the only time on a LAMBcast discussion on a feature film where I wasn’t the odd man out in the discussion (often the hater/negative guy or the only supporter Long Kiss Goodnight).

  2. Jessica says:

    OK Joel!
    Here’s mainly for you – an explanation of the Swedish title of the movie, “Bleka dödens minut”.

    This phrase comes from a song by Birger Sjöberg, one of the greatest Swedish poets/song writers.

    You’ll find the text in Swedish here: You can run it in Google translate but I’m afraid the result is pretty hideous and not anywhere near the original.

    The song has been released in English but I failed to find the lyrics for it online. The title back then was “Death’s Hour”.

    • Joel says:

      I’ve read the poem now. Still don’t really get why they went with it? I assume the marketing guy did his last gig before retiring.

      Very odd choice for a title if you ask me. Even if they had direct translated alliterations for Princess Bride that would have been better. “Bleka dödens minute” aka “Pale deaths minute” is a very bad title considering what the film is about. Its not really ringing romcom.

  3. 70srichard says:

    Nick, you can’t let the politically correct acolytes diminish this charming fairy tale with their dismissal of Buttercup as a passive princess. I don’t have much cover for you on the charge, except to say that once she recommits to Wesley, she is determined to stick by him. She throws herself down a cliff, makes a deal with the devil to save him, and defies the idiot when he reveals that he went back on his word. I would think several hundred years ago, that would be pretty assertive. Also, don’t forget, it is a story being read to a Grandson, who is not anxious for the kissing parts, so the romance angle while there is toned down. Regardless, even though she is the title character, Wesley and Inigo are the leads in the story and criticizing the film for not having a post feminist theme in it is like blaming it for also having a lack of dick jokes to be a comedy (judging by the standard of Judd Apatow, cited in the discussion).

    Humor is sometimes subjective, but that is usually an indication of a humorless person, and a good counter attack might have been fun. I enjoyed the podcast, all of you seem to be well informed if lacking in taste.

    • Dylan Dylan says:

      Richard – I think you’re a bit harsh (“lacking in taste”), but you make some solid points, especially when one considers when this tale is supposedly set. I tried to make the points you made about Buttercup’s actions not being quite so passive, but you’ve done a better job here. Her defiance of Humperdinck is a pretty persuasive argument for her considering he could have just killed her for it alone. But she was smart enough to know what kind of man he was and use that against him.

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