Announcing Foreign Chops #12: Mexico

by Robert Gannon · May 9, 2013 · Chops and Scores, Featured, Foreign Chops · 1 Comment

Robert from Sketchy Details here with the announcement of the next Foreign Chops subject. We’ll be exploring the cinematic output of Mexico. The Mexican film industry has been around as long as the American film industry, dating all the way back to silent films capturing major historical events like the Mexican Revolution. The Hollywood studios even collaborated with Mexican studios in the black and white era, resulting in shared sets for features like Dracula and Drácula.

Mexico has produced two top prize winners at the Cannes Film Festival and eight nominees for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. The country has covered the full range of genre, from absurdist fantasies to gritty westerns. Here’s a list of Mexican films to get you started. I also put up a huge list of all the Mexican films currently streaming on Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus at my site.

You can submit up to 5 posts about films from Mexico. That’s 5 total per site, not 5 per author per site. They can be new or old reviews, features, or retrospectives so long as they focus on Mexican films. Send the links to me at [email protected] by Midnight EST on 5 June. Include “Foreign Chops” in the subject line of your e-mail. I will send you a confirmation if I receive your message, so don’t be afraid to message me again if you haven’t heard back from me.

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