LAMBScores: Masked Interns

by Shane Slater · June 29, 2013 · Featured, LAMBscores · No Comments


This week’s LAMBScores features a pair of very different new releases The Internship and The Purge. Both feature beloved actors, but did the films themselves get the approval of the LAMB? Find out below and don’t forget to submit your reviews in the forums.



Rotten Tomatoes: 1.90 (38%)

IMDb: 2.80 (5.6/10)

LAMB: 2.45 (21)

Average: 2.83



Tinsel & Tine

The Movie Review Warehouse


Fr. Dennis at the Movies


Reel Talk

Sobriety Test Movie Reviews

Sketchy Details

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

The Smoking Pen

The Critical Movie Critics

Two Dollar Cinema


The Movie Waffler

Daniel’s Film Reviews

Anti-Film School

Two Tickets For…


Benend’s Basement

Forced Viewing


AngryVader’s Movie Blah…

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews


Reel thoughts of Jacki K

Rorschach Reviews



 Rotten Tomatoes: 1.70 (34%)

IMDb: 3.20 (6.4/10)

LAMB: 3.13 (12)

Average: 2.68


Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (4)

3 Guys 1 Movie (4)

Adam’s Sound Blogic (4)

Kirkham A Movie A Day (4)

Two Tickets For... (3.5)

AngryVader’s Movie Blah... (3)

The Critical Movie Critics (3)

Fogs’ Movie Reviews (3)

NotTheCar Media (3)

Rorschach Reviews (3)

CinemaNerdz (2.5)

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (0.5)

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