You want to cover Breaking Bad?

by Joel · July 23, 2013 · Announcements, Blogathons, Events, Featured · 5 Comments


I’m fairly new to Breaking Bad but have plowed the entire series so far during my two week vacation this summer. So after discovering this awesome series I think it would cool to have the final stretch of the series covered on the LAMB.

Basically what I’m looking for is for someone to do a write-up on each episode of the final eight episodes for the LAMB site. The main purpose is to have something to build from so we can discuss each episode in depth. 

Does this sound interesting? If it does send me an e-mail ( with a sample how an recap/discussion article on a Breaking Bad episode (of your own choice) would look if you were behind the steering wheel. You have until the 5th of august so sharpen those shivs! 

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