Brutally Blunt Blog Blustering #75 – Elemental Reviews

by Joel · December 11, 2013 · Blog Blustering, Featured · 9 Comments

If you’re new to this feature or need a refresher, click the label at the bottom of this post and see the previous posts. Otherwise, here are the basics:

What I do is list a site; you critique it. But here’s the catch: to induce the most honest reactions, don’t leave the comment using your normal alias/login – instead, go anonymous (for now you probably need to comment through bogus information and I’ll moderate all comments through), and be as brutally honest (or complimentary) as you wish to be. Also, be specific, and naturally, don’t be rude. If I deem anything inappropriate, I’ll have no problem deleting the comment.

Site: Elemental Reviews

LAMB: #1497


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9 Responses to Brutally Blunt Blog Blustering #75 – Elemental Reviews

  1. Stewart says:

    It’s a decent blog. I liked the clean layout/design. Decent writing too – I enjoyed your 12 Angry Men review. The only thing I found odd were the links on your a-z reviews page – each one I tried opened a new tab instead of just loading within the parent page.

    • Niejan says:

      Thanks Stewart. I think something went wrong with linking those posts to the a-z page, but I’ll fix it ASAP. 🙂

      • Stewart says:

        Not sure if you’re code savvy or not so sorry if you already know this – but those links are set with:


        when they should be


        example – your 12 Angry men link.

        12 Angry Men

        Change to:

        12 Angry Men

        Hope that helps.

        • Niejan says:

          Thanks for all the info. I believe there is a tick box in the editor which allows me to do the same. And I accidentally had checked ‘Open link in new tab’. Anyway, thanks for helping out Stewart. Appreciate it.

  2. I’d add something to fill up the blank space at bottom right on the homepage but otherwise it looks great

  3. anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if you can change this or if it’s pre-set, but on the homepage under the slideshow of 6 films, it then says “recent articles”, despite the fact that the most recent ones were in the slideshow instead. I’d recommend changing that title if you can.

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