PLUG: National Classic Movie Day

by Joel · April 15, 2015 · Featured, Plugs · 2 Comments
In celebration of the first National Classic Movie Day on May 16th, the Classic Film & TV Cafe will host a one-day My Favorite Classic Movie Blogathon. After all, what better way to pay homage to classic cinema than write about one’s favorite film?

 The scope of this blogathon is pretty general: you can write a review of your favorite movie, explain why you love it, focus on one aspect (e.g., the costumes, the director, its influence), etc. You can even publish an old post if desired (after all, you may have already written about your all-time fave). Multiple posts about the same movie will also be allowed.
 Additional details can be found at this link: Interested bloggers can also send their film selection and URL to

Got a Press Release, something to Plug, or a Screener available for review (or some combination of the three)? Ok, don’t get all crazy about it. Just click here and give me the details (what, when, where, and a link, for starters) – I’ll handle the rest.