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As you may know, there’s more than just the Lambcast in the Lamb Podcasting Network and I’ll be here every week to hopefully share some of the other shows worth listening to that have released an episode within the past week, if you’re not subscribed to all of the network shows, make sure you stop by here in case you find something new that you fancy, I will also toss in the occasional news and featured episode. Descriptions of the episodes are in the hosts own words where possible.

Also, if you’re a member of the LPN and have any announcements: hiatuses, returns, call for guests feel free to let me know and I’ll feature it on one of these posts. Now, onto the shows!

From the Archives

Again it’s time to showcase an older episode from a podcast that has ended its run. This time around it’s the Alan Smithee Podcast. I asked co-host Andrew Wickliffe what his favorite episode was and he responded with Episode 63: Mars Attacks & Sleepy Hollow. He and co-host Matt Hurwitz take a look at what they considered Burton’s last great work pre-2011 with Mars Attacks alongside his first phoned-in remake with Sleepy Hollow.

Really Awful Movies #38

“Night of the Lepus”

A killer rabbit movie? Yes please.

We love rabbits, especially grilled. And we give this one a good grilling. Night of the Lepus features some pretty high wattage star power, including old timey Western star Rory Calhoun, Deforrest Kelley (Star Trek) and Janet Leigh (Psycho). An experiment goes awry, causing oversized bunnies to run amok somewhere in Arizona. Or was it New Mexico? Who cares! How much should we mess with nature? Hubris of man, the laws of nature…all these and terrible jokes featured on this edition of the podcast.

Note: Check out Episode 39 also released this week.

The Simplistic Reviews Podcast #49

You’ll swoon for June as the boys discover that there is no safe joke to be made about Caitlyn Jenner. They instead decide to tackle stories such as a Big Trouble In Little China reboot, a Jack Bauer spinoff, and a James Bond free for all on Simplistic Showcase. Justin and DJ later pay off a debt and discuss the 2014 horror anomaly that is Ouija. A conversation that introduces not one, not two, but three new characters. There is also the introduction of an old game played in a new way known as Simplistic Password. And The ongoing mystery between the boys and Julie reaches its climax.

Forgotten Filmcast #53

“Band of the Hand”

If you were an 80’s kid who watched Miami Vice every Friday, you’ll want to check out the latest Forgotten Filmcast. This time, Todd is joined by Paul from Return to the 80’s to discuss a 1986 crime story from Miami Vice producer Michael Mann, Band of the Hand.

Movie Mavericks

“True Lies Retrospective”

True Lies Retrospective. Join hosts Trevor and Jason for episode 2 in the new supplemtary series podcast, as they discuss the 1994 blockbuster ‘True Lies’. An in-depth discussion of ‘True Lies’, including detailed plot breakdown, historical relevance, critical reaction, and merchandising.

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