LAMB Trailer Club: The Magnificent Seven

by Robert Zerbe · April 20, 2016 · Periodic Features, Trailer Club · 5 Comments

Welcome to the new LAMB feature where we breakdown big, new trailers…in the comments section! Feast your eyes on the first teaser for The Magnificent Seven! Post your thoughts below and beware potential spoilery theories and opinions! You can also discuss this trailer and more on social media using #LAMBTrailerClub.



5 Responses to LAMB Trailer Club: The Magnificent Seven

  1. Robert Zerbe says:

    First of all, Denzel as a cowboy is phenomenal. We need more of that. Pratt seems like a slightly unhinged version of his Jurassic World character. Couple of cliches that bugged me: The “Oh wow, a minigun…in this time period?!” moment and the “one of the team says something mildly amusing and the gang laughs” bit. But this looks solid. I’d see it.

  2. Not a terrifically edited trailer (Too super cutty when Westerns live in well set up shots and tension. Prefer the International trailer) but I have 3:10 To Yuma quality hopes for this film. Fuqua doing a Western is a bit of a change…and with the well done deconstruction of Westerns as of late with Slow West and Bone Tomahawk, this might be a little too tongue and cheek to captivate me. Though if I’m a snob of any genre, it’s Westerns. The source story is simple enough and done previously enough to maybe focus on some performances over set pieces…I think D’onofrio could be a standout.

  3. jaycluitt says:

    I don’t think I’m quite comfortable claiming Chris Pratt to be the new Steve McQueen just yet (Pratt is cool, but Steve McQueen is coooooooool) but I’ve got high hopes for this. I agree with DJ, the International Trailer is better, but they’re both for the same film, and that’s what I’m now looking forward to. And yeah, Vinnie D gets my vote every time.

  4. Dylan says:

    I have low expectations (shocked). Not a Fuqua fan in general, though I’ve admittedly not seen a bunch. Just macho posturing and bullshit, and this looks like more of the same. Way too much boom-boom and explosey explosey. Give me a story and awesome acting to go with my boom-boom (ahem, 3:10 to Yuma) and I’m in; I don’t want just Young Guns II, sorry.

    Much agreement with Robert RE the minigun.

  5. Elwood Jones says:

    I would love to have seen this done as another Eastern Western like “The Good, The Bad and The Weird” but this seems to just be the usual Western tropes while only falling short of holding up a sign saying hey look a black cowboy!! Yes its more interesting to have the racial mix of characters, but as with the original it just makes me want to revisit “Seven Samurai” instead.

    I guess I want just another quick and the dead, rather than another drawn out and dusty western as can almost guarantee that this one is going to have some stupidly drawn out runtime so we get 30 mins of action against 2 hours plus of dust, dirt and macho posing.

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